[@FekkyOfficial] Speaks To Us At [@OfficialRandL]

Full of energy and in high spirits, on the 24th of August Fekky performed at Reading (Reading and Leeds) festival. Just after dropping new banger ‘One More Time’ featuring Runtown, Fekky has brought back the gangster element which has been missing in the UK for some time however with a twist. He is showing us his versatility and his talent which is shining through nicely.

Not only did he release his album ‘El Clasico’ last year, he has also been secretly working on his own record label ‘F MUSIC’ in which he said “I wanted to be independent and take control of my future. I’ve always been a boss from young”.

“Empower your Team, Empower yourself, F MUSIC Baby.”

I caught up with Fekky after his set at Reading and spoke to him on his new single and upcoming projects.

How are you feeling today?

I’m feeling good. It’s like my third time here.

How long did it take for you to get here (To where you are now)?

A year and a half to get to where I was and since then I’ve just grew. I think my music travelled far. I was one of the lucky artists which people took to.

You recently dropped one more time, what has been the response so far?

It’s been good because when I dropped it, it’s a different style to what I usually do and that was worrying (if the fans took to the upgraded Fekky). It’s overwhelming because people liked it and I’ve got a lot more music like that.

What tracks are you performing today?

Way Too Much’, ‘Still Sittin’ Here’, ‘One More Time’ & ‘Look At Me Now’.

What song is your favourite performing?

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I think ‘Still Sittin’ Here’ will always be my baby and everywhere I go people know that song.

What act are you looking forward the most to see?

I’ve seen D Block Europe today, Suspects on now, I’m going to watch more people tomorrow in Leeds.

It was the first time seeing Fekky perform live and he did a great job at entertaining the crowd and keeping them on their feet. He mentioned that “Much more is coming” and its only a matter of time, so keep up – to – date with him on the socials below.


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