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And the category is…Legendary

HBO Max has released the first trailer for Legendary, which will be a competition reality show, where teams from the LGBTQ+ ballroom community will go head to head for $100,00 cash prize and “legendary” status.

Coming to our TV screens…or more likely, laptop screens on the 27th of May. The unscripted series will feature eight real drag families competing for the prize, over nine episodes. From the trailer, the show promises drama, theatricality, fashion, and we are looking forward to it! MC Dashaun Wesley and DJ MikeQ will move the show along with celebrity judges Law Roach, Jameela Jamil, Leiomy Maldonado, and chart-topping artist Megan Thee Stallion.


The ballroom scene is a Black LGBTQ+ tradition that begun as an underground party scene for the community to come together and celebrate themselves. It’s been said to have begun as early as the 1920s but began to receive mainstream interest when Madonna released her iconic ‘Vogue’ music video in the 1990s. Which was followed by Jennie Livingston’s 1990 documentary, “Paris Is Burning” which does a deeper dive into the life and culture of the ballroom community.

More recently, Ryan Murphy’s Emmy-winning series “Pose” prompted renewed interest in the ballroom scene, which has been thriving throughout the years. “Legendary” will be the first mainstream show to introduce the contemporary scene to a wider audience so make sure you check it out! Make sure you check out the trailer below!

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