Find Out How Ethical Fashion Brands Are With The ‘Good On You’ App [@goodonyou_app]

Launched in 2015 Good On You is an app that rates fashion brands on how ethical and sustainable they are so you don’t have to.
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It can take a lot of dedicated research to be a conscious consumer and many of us just don’t have the time.

In addition, the oversaturated fashion market and the multitude of issues being brought to light around fashion makes it confusing for consumers to know where to start.

Enter the Good On You app, a non-profit organisation based in Australia that looks at the impact of 2000+ brands from start to finish in their supply chains.

How Good On You Rates Fashion Brands

Good On You collect information on fashion brands through certification schemes such as Fair Trade, OEKO-TEX and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) as well as independent sources.

There is a five point scale ranging from ‘avoid’ to ‘great’.

To qualify for good or great a brand must be transparent about their supply chain, have several active ethical initiatives and score highly in their practices concerning people, the planet, and animals.

If you search your favourite brands and they are rated ‘not good enough’ you can send them a message urging them to do better and Good On You will suggest a sustainable brand that meets your needs instead.

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As a non-profit organisation Good On You makes their money via sponsored partnerships with ‘good’ or ‘great’ rated fashion brands, creating content for their users that connects them with ethical and sustainable brands.

Fashion is in the top three most polluting industries in the world after oil and agriculture and it is not getting any better.

Using apps such as Good On You is a step towards a better future as we turn to brands that proactively ensure they are not causing harm, we hurt the pockets of retailers who will be forced to change.

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