Five for Friday ft. [@archives_nia], [@jeshi100], [@murkagedave] & more

The tide of new music never seems to stop coming in and Friday being one of the most intense days for new music we can understand if it all feels a little overwhelming. That’s why we’ve delved into the deepest and darkest corners of the musical ocean to bring you Five For Friday: our weekly round-up of the crème de la crème in new music.

Nia Archives – “Luv Like”

GENRE: jungle / neo-soul


It’s not too late to hop on the early train to Nia Archives. The time frame of her rise has been almost instantaneuous, which makes total sense really; especially considering the quality of her work from early on. Inevitably, many emerging artists have been confinedto their rooms over the last couple of years (need I say it… covid). But nonetheless, the result is an unprecedented new wave of fine-tuned DIY artists climbing their way to the top with exciting new sounds–Nia Archives being one of them. With her experimentatal breakbeats and punk-ish twists on peals of pop, there’s an undeniable appeal to “Luv Like”. It feels like we’re on the edge of our seats waiting for more from Nia, but it the meantime you can check out her new single above.

Jeshi – “3210”

GENRE: hip hop / rap


The East Londoner laying it down for the rest. If you need to revive your music taste from a slump I highly recommend a dive into Jeshi’s catalogue so far. His latest single, which stars fellow Londoner Cadenza, is an ode to the sticky clubs of the UK and the suburb estates of London “JUST COLOUR ME GREY / RUNNING THROUGH WHITE YOU RUN IN MY BRAIN / CHILLING ON THE ESTATE”. Jeshi is as captivating and infectious with his presence on the video as much as he is with his bars. According to the director, Will Dohrn .”In the film we unravel the zoopraxiscope into a seemingly never-ending line of photographs that portray recollections from Jeshi’s past, guiding his path through familiar or significant places in his life.”  Give it a listen above.

Murkage Dave – “Us Lot”

GENRE: rap / R&B


East London born and raised, Murkage Dave has a skill adding more and more flavour to his repertoire with each release. It’s apparent he has an appreciation for the pillars of UK music’s rich archive with influences from garage, hip hop and R&B and referencing iconic artists like The Smiths and Joy Division. His previously released and confidently titled, “Murkage Dave Changed My Life” holds its weight as it quickly became seen as groundbreaking in both British Pop and Black British identity. The artful video, directed by Ricky Gibb, observes a close group of friends at an afterparty. Capturing that stage in the morning when the wrong track selection could devastate the whole vibe, offering us a glimpse into that crossroads moment; the unplugging of the aux cable and what follows.

Jack White – “Hi-De-Ho” ft. Q-Tip

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GENRE: rock

FROM: Canada / US

It’s not the best of its genre but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not fun to listen to; especially when you have two big names like the revered Q-Tip and more pop-oriented artist Jack White. It’s an unreal sample –a Cab Calloway sample– which perhaps carries the track somewhat But the overall feeling is merry, which is equally an interesting take on rock as a genre, leaning on punk in places and the intermittent acoustic breaks. Q-Tip’s verse is adroitly executed, as always. He even drops in a mention of Stevie Wonder’s “Contusion” and in turn, the overall new single, “Hi-De-Ho”, becomes a great appetiser for hungry music heads.

Labrinth & Zendaya – “I’m Tired”

GENRE: gospel / soul


I know some people will skim over this, being from a popular and trending series–sometimes it’s hard to listen to something everyone else has already heard, I get it. But this time it feels right to give appreciation to this new track. The single sees Zendaya and Labrinth perform over a cinematic and gospel-inspired instrumentation and the pair’s execution is seriously elevated. Ever since I heard Zendaya talk with Pharrell and FamLay on their podcast, OtherTone and Pharrell credited her voice as being “incredible“, I’ve been waiting for the moment she shared this side with the rest of the world. I mean, it’s Pharrell’s seal of approval. I trust it.

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