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Friday’s are packed full of releases, these are 5 you should pay particular attention to today.

Five for Friday is back after a little break, the format is still the same 5 great tracks for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. Friday is also the day that the official charts are announced letting us know who holds the coveted number one position. To make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have just dropped.

Lemfreck – Lo & Behold

If you’re not already watching Lemfreck you’re sleeping on one of the most exciting talents the UK has to offer. Hailing from Wales the multi-faceted artist is adept both at creating melodies and putting words together as a rapper. No matter which of the skillset he chooses to lean towards he always brings the vibes. On ‘Lo & Behold’ we definitely get the melodies more strongly and paired with the production we get nothing but a banger. The track is really one for any setting so no matter what you’re doing this weekend make sure you spin this one.

Poundz – Tik Tok

I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t think Poundz would last as an artist and that ‘Opp Thot’ would be his 15 minutes of fame. But I have been proved wrong at every turn, Poundz is here to stay and it’s clear he has a good musical ear whilst simultaneously knowing how to market himself well. His sound is fundamentally Drill, but he can somehow always translate the genre into something easily digestible for an audience wider than just Drill fans. Whether it’s his knack for catchy, easily repeatable hooks or his integration of dances with a lot of his tracks, Poundz has real star quality. ‘Tik Tok’ is going to do numbers and will undoubtedly be yet another hit song under the young stars belt.

Santino Le Saint – Blue Pill

Blue Pill is the first of a pair of EP’s from South Londons Santino Le Saint and it is a great addition to his catalogue. I hate to add a comparison in here but the project really gives me the same vibes as some of The Weeknd‘s work. It’s not that their tone is vocally the same, the soundscape curated across the EP’s production just feels like the same space you’d hear The Weeknd in. But besides that one slight comparison, it is very much a uniquely Santino Le Saint project. For me the standout track is ‘Ecstasy’ which features INFAMOUSIZAK, it has a real cinematic feel to it and the duo compliment each other well stylistically. Saying that, the whole of Blue Pill is solid and with it only being 4 tracks long there’s no excuse to not listen to it.

Bel Cobain & Lex Amor – At the Bay

This is a collaboration that makes complete sense but one I’d never thought of. ‘At the Bay’ brings together two queens of creating laid back soundscapes you can drift off into. Bel Cobain does what she does best in providing sweet enrapturing vocals that stick in your head (also check out her lveMUSIC. performance here) and Lex Amor brings that dexterous lyrical ability paired with great clarity that make her stand out. The track is produced by (and features) illiterate and is part of The Silhouettes Project. The Silhouettes Project is a community project all about uniting and shining a light on up and coming talent across Hip-Hop, Jazz and Soul who will be releasing a 15 track EP with ‘At the Bay’ being the first track released from it.

MORGAN – Hostess

MORGAN is quietly having a really great 2020. The 20 year old signed to Rudimental‘s record label has been doing numbers across the year building an impressive monthly listenership which is fast approaching 600k monthly listeners. ‘Hostess’ is a slight departure from the other tracks she’s released this year. The production is darker sounding and her delivery across a lot of the song is her rapping which is something we haven’t heard much of from MORGAN up to this point. It’s by no means a bad thing and only shows the potential she has as an artist as she continues to develop. I think the visuals to a great job of amplifying the song with a great concept that ties into the track thematically but also adds in some comedy elements too.

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