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Friday’s are packed full of releases, these are 5 you should pay particular attention to today.

Five for Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. Friday is also the day that the official charts are announced letting us know who holds the coveted number one position. To make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have just dropped.

Morgan – Alien EP

MORGAN is an artist who has been having a special 2020. With a slew of singles dropped throughout the year, including ‘Mulholland Drive’ which has amassed over 3 million streams on Spotify alone, she has started to see her efforts paying off. We’ve also seen a lot more experimentation with sound which has trickled over into the EP. We get the R&B vibes the most consistently across the project but there’s also some strong sprinklings of Hip-Hop and some Pop thrown in for good measure. The EP ends with the big 2019 collaboration ‘Mean That Much’ where she vocals a Rudimental and Preditah produced track. Overall the EP is solid and a great introductory body of work.

SL – Felt Tips

The 18 year old masked enigma SL is back again after releasing his SE25 project back in July. On his latest offering ‘Felt Tips’ we get SL narrating his world in that trademark lazy flow that has done him so well. He offers multiple sides of the street narrative even at points touching on police harassment but this isn’t without an acknowledgement of what it is that he’s doing that gets that attention. Visually we get an interesting mix with the two main settings being a school and a riot which taps into the Black Lives Matter imagery which fits well with the track’s hook.

Avgust Reign – Grey Matter

Los Angeles based Avgust Reign has just released her sophomore EP Grey Matter which takes its sonic cues from the likes of Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, and Sade. Those influences definitely slip through at different points but the body of work as a whole feels unique to Avgust. Grey Matter is what I’d call ‘mood music’ it’s atmospheric, evokes emotion and is for me the kind of music you chill out to or have in the background of a long journey. If you’re feeling introspective today, I’d say this is the project for you.

Dutchavelli x M1llionz – Cool With Me

When we look back to 2020 musically it will be impossible not to think of Dutchavelli and M1llionz and this collaboration will cement this. ‘Cool With Me’ is an interesting one as the tempo feels a little slower than what we’ve previously seen from the pair but it works. The duo show their ability to adapt outside of their comfort zones with M1llionz in particular having a very impressing showing across his verse. Dutch does what he does best in painting a vivid narrative that’s unwavering in its grittiness which is only heightened by his unmistakable tone. This one was definitely for the streets, which really is no surprise considering who the artists are, but it will undoubtedly do numbers.

See Also

emil – Ambrosia EP

emil today drops his debut solo project Ambrosia and the EP’s sound matches the divine roots of its name. The project is a mixture of instrumentals, skits, and tracks vocalled by some of the scenes most exciting talents like Knucks, A2, King Kay and more. Across the entire project, there isn’t one thing that feels out of place, it all feels like meticulously planned luxuriousness. Ambrosia is a Hip-Hop project with its heart in Soul and vocal performances by the guest singers and rappers that won’t quickly be forgotten.

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