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Five For Friday is back again with 5 releases from the past week you should pay attention to.

Five for Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. Friday is the day that the official charts are announced letting us know who holds the coveted number one position. To make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have recently dropped to start off your weekend listening.

DC – In The Loop

In The Loop is the first project we’ve had from DC since 2019 and his first since being managed by Since ’93. It is quintessential DC but if you only know him from his viral ‘Gleamin’ freestyle series it is quite the departure. Whilst he burst on the scene largely over Grime beats he’s moved beyond that and proven his skill bringing a level of suaveness and refinement over whatever tempo of production he chooses to work on. His intricate lyricism and relaxed cadence are front and centre on the new EP which also features a collab that just makes sense with Knucks for the lead single ‘Bobby & Rowdy’. This is the project you should be taking in today.

Jazmine Flowers – awkward

Newbie Jazmine Flowers today released the visuals to her debut single ‘awkward’ and despite the track name, her performance is anything but awkward. She has the presence and energy of a performer and it all seems to come soo naturally. But having all the right branding charisma would be meaningless if she wasn’t able to back it up musically and she definitely does. Jazmine is an extremely exciting addition to the alt R&B space and at 20 years old has so much room to grow and develop still. Besides her ability to give strong vocal performances Jazmine also writes and produces so it will definitely be exciting to see her blending all of those talents together over time.

A2 – Akolades

South London’s enigma, an artist in the truest sense of the word, A2 makes his return to major DSP’s after a run of singles released exclusively on Soundcloud. His latest release ‘Akolades’ is the first official release from the long teased next project titled Just So You Know. It takes a sample from the viral video of Nollywood actor Kanayo O. Kanayo which ties in nicely to the theme of receiving your accolades. It feels like some light flexing from A2 but shows that both lyrically and sonically that he is still paving a unique path for himself. He serves as proof to show that quality over quantity is still a viable model in music.

Bea Anderson – Nauseous

Bea Anderson has already followed up debut record ‘Easy’ with ‘Nauseous’ yesterday. She proves she’s no one hit wonder and shows that her strong vocal range packs a punch even after having heard her for the first time. Bea is showing that she knows how to captivate audiences and has so far chosen production that has allowed her vocals to really take centre stage, and on this latest track, Bea even worked on the production. Thematically it sticks with love similarly to ‘Easy’ only this time we get the tougher side of love and the challenges that arise in it which suit the darker production. Despite the relatively heavy subject matter, it’s a song that will keep you coming back.

See Also

Kadeem Tyrell – Simple Man

Kadeem Tyrell returns with his signature take on R&B and Modern Soul, with ‘Simple Man’. He is becoming a key figure within a burgeoning UK R&B scene that’s been too often overlooked but one that’s starting to gain the attention it deserves. ‘Simple Man’ is yet another example of Tyrell’s artistry; his rich voice relating his romantic frustrations and crafting effortlessly catchy melodies all sitting within the kind of production that would fit neatly within an early Donnell Jones or D’Angelo project. This one is your track for long journeys or just having a chilled on.

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