Five For Friday ft. [@wewantwraiths], [@LittleSimz], [@backroadgee] + more

Five For Friday is back again with 5 releases from the past week you should pay attention to.

Five For Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. With it being another very busy week of great music to make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have recently dropped to start off your weekend listening.

wewantwraiths – Question Us

I’ve said it before but wewantwraiths is a star and he’s doing it without relying on external platforms. He’s released 8 videos on YouTube prior to “Question Us” (excluding 2 lyric videos) and all of them have amassed over a million views individually. This is no small task and one to be highlighted at every opportunity as the names we typically see getting those kinds of numbers are either staples of the scene who have established their fanbases over years or viral sensations who often fail to replicate the success. wewantwraiths falls into neither of these categories as he shows time and again that his ear for melodies and creating that Trap/Wave type sound rivals the best.

Little Simz – Venom (Remix)

Little Simz is never one to rest on her laurels but after having her latest album, Sometimes I Might Be Introvert, going to number 4 in the album chart a break was warranted. But being the true artist she is she has provided a remix of her fan favourite track “Venom” which is to be used in the upcoming film Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This remix is all Simz and features parts of the verses from the original and of course that iconic hook but it’s been updated with some strong new additions, most notably across the intro, and all it does is reaffirm just how skilled Simz is as an artist.

Unknown T Ft. Skillibeng – Wollan

Unknown T & Skillibeng together on a track was never going to disappoint if we’re being completely honest with ourselves. Two artists of their calibre, with their elite ears for musicality, could only come together and create a track that was special. With neither compromising their styles the whole thing felt organic and Skillibeng‘s raw vocals and in your face lyricism perfectly complimented not only Unknown T but also the track’s Drill production. A collab like this can easily underdeliver based on the hype around the artists involved but “Wollan” doesn’t suffer from this at all, it is an undeniable banger.

Amaria BB ft. Skillibeng – Fundz

Second feature spot for Skillibeng with a UK artist this week and the two tracks couldn’t be more different sonically. “Fundz” see’s Amaria BB leaning into the sound that garnered a lot of her early attention on social media. It’s an upbeat Dancehall sound that switches between sweet vocals and rapped verses with hints of Britishness alongside the heavy use of patois. It is a combination that really works together and with the addition of Skillibeng‘s more aggressive delivery “Fundz” feels like an extremely well balanced track.

See Also

BackRoad Gee – Daily Duppy

BackRoad Gee was one of my ones to watch this year for good reason – he is capable of doing pretty much anything he wants musically. On this Daily Duppy, he showcases this in true fashion by subverting what everyone’s expectations were for this. His high energy, raw, and sometimes whimsical rap style that we’ve seen on tracks like “Party Popper”, “Woosh!” ft. Kwengface, and Pa Salieu‘s “My Family” would have been perfect for the Daily Duppy format. Instead, he comes dressed like a rockstar with the accompanying leather jacket and sings over production that is guitar led – and it works. He’s tackled Drill, Afrobeats, and now this and it really seems like he can’t miss musically so when it’s album time we are definitely in for a treat.

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