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Five For Friday is back again with 5 releases from the past week you should pay attention to.

Five For Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. With it being another very busy week of great music to make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have recently dropped to start off your weekend listening. 

Enny x Odeal – Bernie Mac

With two of my favourite artists to have burst onto the scene recently on the same track this was almost guaranteed on the list. They of course delivered on this surprise collaboration that actually got premiered live at Boiler Room Festival‘s Rap day on October 14th. The infectious and hard hitting production instantly makes you want to bop your head and this is followed up with a surprising performance from Odeal. The alté crooner delivers an atypical rapped verse and hook and it bangs. Then Enny comes through and channels her inner Lil Kim with some of her grittiest few verses I think we’ve heard from her to date all without losing the smoothness and charm that has garnered her so much support on her journey. “Bernie Mac” might have come out of left field but it is a track that can’t be ignored.

BERWYN – Full Moon Freestyle

The way BERWYN performs so consistently I don’t think there’s going to be a time he drops that won’t make waves. “Full Moon Freestyle” sees him flexing his lyrical muscles in the way that only he can with clever wordplay, an abundance of passion, and the raw honesty that sets him apart. He is not your typical UK rapper, he isn’t trying to portray himself as living the most lavish life and stunting with his successes. Rather he gives insight into his come up, personal relationships, as well as the negatives that come along with his success just as much as he celebrates his new position. This is a strong addition to BERWYN‘s catalogue, I hope people are paying attention because this is a star in the making.

Youngs Teflon x Tiny Boost – Shark

South West and South East legends link up, not for the first time by any means, and deliver one for the streets in “Shark”. Youngs Teflon has really been on a run this year whether solo releases or features, he even has one of my favourite drops of the year in “Plato”, and this is another to add to the expansive and diverse catalogue of South London’s Jimmy Conway. Personally, I’m hoping “Shark” is going to be on whatever project “Plato” is from because sonically they pair so well and the smooth street rap from Tef is something not many can touch him at. This blended with Tiny Boost‘s grittier verse creates what should arguably become a street classic. These two have survived the years for a reason, don’t be fooled to think that they aren’t still some of the best artists in the game because they’re not championed the way some others are.

Digga D – Red Light Green Light

Digga D and his team have proven time and time again that they know exactly what they’re doing with every release so really “Red Light Green Light” should be no surprise. The aptly Squid Game themed song drops amidst the fever of the Korean Netflix shows success and rather than just incorporating it across one aspect Digga goes all the way with it. From the production to the visuals Squid Game is in the track’s DNA and it’s done extremely well. The track is going to get significant airtime, and whilst it isn’t Digga‘s best song, it is still a strong release and shows Digga going a bit closer to his roots in terms of sound which I’m sure certain fans will appreciate a lot.

Jack Harlow Ft. Bryson Tiller & Static Major – Luv Is Dro

For “Luv Is Dro”, Jack Harlow really channels that 2000s R&B vibe and even enlists vocals from the late Static Major alongside Bryson Tiller. It is a bit of a surprise drop, this isn’t the sound we’ve typically heard from Jack with him sticking to more conventional Rap sounds sonically, but it’s honestly not a bad addition to his stylistic arsenal. He adapts to the production surprisingly well and whilst it does feel like a very stark departure from his sound, there are still elements to his performance that feel unique to him. The supporting cast is right at home with the sound and tie everything together neatly without completely stealing the show. This one additionally works for Jack Harlow because his brand is essentially “the smooth white guy that appreciates Black culture” and he does that well without stepping into appropriation or Blackfishing territory. The visuals are clean and equally 2000s inspired and make the track feel like a real complete package.

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