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Five For Friday is back again with 5 releases from the past week you should pay attention to.

Five For Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. With it being another very busy week of great music to make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have recently dropped to start off your weekend listening. 

Nimco Happy – Isii Nafta

This isn’t a new song and I don’t care. You’ve heard this one all over TikTok and probably heard plenty of remixes to it but it’s for good reason – vibes can’t done. The reason it’s getting a feature this week, in particular, is that the artist behind the hit, Nimco Happy, has had the track officially released on streaming platforms via Universal Music Group so aunty is going to be collecting the bag from it for sure now. This is such a vibe that despite the fact the vast majority of audiences tuning into the song can only understand fragments of the song, people still love it wholeheartedly. Keep spinning this one, only now do it on the legit streaming links which you can find here so that Nimco Happy gets paid.

Gino J ft. Odeal – Brandy

Gino J and Odeal link up for “Brandy” and even though it’s got quite a lowkey mood to it, it’s undeniably a banger. The artists both do a great job of complimenting the production with sweet melodies that get you completely engrossed in the track before you know it. Speaking of the production, Enzo Freshh really deserves his flowers on this one – he understood the assignment and executed. It’s mellow, with a bounce but without any element being too overpowering or taking away from the vocal performances. Together with the strong performances from Gino J and Odeal, it really is just something special.

BackRoad Gee ft. NSG – Ancestors

BackRoad Gee is a special talent, we all know this by now. NSG are certified hitmakers, we also know this. The two of them together, on paper and in reality it’s nothing but a vibe. “Ancestors” see’s BackRoad Gee in his Afrobeats bag, which we’ve been seeing more and more of as time goes on. It was one of the most surprising things to happen, but in the best way. BackRoad Gee has continually proven he is more than just a Drill artist and is arguably one of the most overlooked talents since his release because of the variety of sounds he’s traversed since his initial breakout and the fact he’s done a lot of feature work. But he is a prodigy and you can see both his melodic and rapping styles on “Ancestors” to show that. BackRoad Gee also has his new project Reporting Live (From The Back Of The Roads) out now which “Ancestors” is taken from and additionally has a feature with Jay Z on The Harder They Fall soundtrack.

Stay Flee Get Lizzy x Kwengface – Scary

Kwengface doesn’t miss. On “Scary” Stay Flee Get Lizzy orchestrated one we see Zone 2’s most musically active artist of recent over production I don’t think we’d have expected. Its main melody is led by horns, the percussion and bass are difficult to pin down to a genre – they’re somewhere between Grime and Drill but whatever they are they work. Despite the unorthodox production choice Kweng delivers with the energy we expect and doesn’t let the switch in sound deter him from lacing the production with the street content he’s known for alongside his occasional injections of humour.

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D-Block Europe – No Competition

DBE are back with “No Competition” alongside an announcement of their upcoming project Home Alone 2. Before talking about “No Competition” it’s important to talk about Home Alone 2. It’s, of course, the sequel to the Home Alone project that released in 2019 which was the duos debut and the project that launched them onto their unprecedented run which led to them selling out multiple dates at Alexandra Palace. That leaves big expectations on what’s to come, but it looks like Adz and LB are set to deliver on that after taking a bit of a break from releasing music. On “No Competition” I don’t think we get anything super surprising at this point, but what we do get is the DBE sound in its best light. It feels like the same way they took a bit of time to drop this new project they took time with “No Competition” it is a strong single that no one can argue to be a throwaway. It sets the tone for the new project well, so I can only hope that it delivers on the quality already displayed.

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