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Five For Friday is back again with 5 releases from the past week you should pay attention to.

Five For Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. With it being another very busy week of great music to make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have recently dropped to start off your weekend listening. 

NSG – Headliner EP

The NSG boys have done it again with their short but sweet Headliner EP. We know they are hitmakers at this stage, we expect nothing bangers but we also expect diversity in sound and yet again NSG don’t disappoint. Starting out on a real high with “Only God Can Judge Me”, they switch up the vibe drastically for “Suzanna” and enlist Patoranking but again the track is a vibe. “Headliner” the closer is the one where, personally, things are a little more run of the mill. The production is great but the verses and hook aren’t NSG at their best, it’s still a good track, but just good from NSG is a little disappointing especially considering the other two tracks. However, regardless of this, the 3 track EP serves as a nice care package of fresh NSG music to keep up going through the Christmas period.

Fana Hues – Breakfast

Fana Hues hit the COLORS stage to premiere her brand new track “Breakfast” and the gravitas of the opening immediately captures your attention, but the sweet vocals and honest lyricism are what makes you stay. The production on “Breakfast” gives SZA vibes but Fana‘s sultry tone is distinct. Whilst not one that you’ll probably be itching to play on a night out this is one I’m sure you’ll appreciate in the quieter moments of the weekend and beyond. The California native is something special, she’s featured on a track with Tyler, The Creator and Brent Faiyaz as well as dropped her debut EP back in 2020 and it’s going to be exciting to see what she delivers next as she’s already proving she’s one to watch.

[ K S R ] – Peace + Harmony

Manchester’s ever eclectic vocalist [ K S R ] today drops his Peace + Harmony project. If you love R&B, neo-Soul or just anything that involves strong vocals and melodies this one is for you. He’s been slowly but surely building a name for himself over the years and this 6 track EP is the perfect capsule of not only his sound but also his development as an artist. It is a densely packed project, quality-wise and lyrically, but it is an extremely easy listen with each track flowing nicely into the next. Amidst a year where the conversation of if R&B in the UK was dead, voices like [ K S R ] are a reminder that it’s not – R&B is just evolving in the UK away from its traditional lane and getting more experimental.

Tierra Whack – Body of Water

If you don’t know Tierra Whack by now you’ve been sleeping, she is beyond talented and you can see that extremely clearly on “Body of Water”. Before getting into too much does this track give you Outkast “B.O.B” vibes, or is that just me? “Body of Water” see’s Tierra fuse machine gun paced rapping with what feels like a Pop influenced hook and sung segments. Now depending on what you like this will either slap for you immediately or require a couple of listens to get your head around it – either way I think this is a track you’ll end up appreciating. The rapid fire verses alone should have you hooked based on the sheer dexterity on display to do those lyrical acrobatics. If that’s not impressive enough I can confirm that it’s not just for show, Tierra is really saying some stuff in those verses.

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King Promise Ft. Patoranking – CHOPLIFE

With the weather in the UK sapping all types of energy “CHOPLIFE” is a track that reminds us that enjoyment is key. King Promise links up with Patoranking (two feature slots on the list shows he is also doing something right) for this vibrant and fun track that is simple in its message, but simple is effective. You can’t help but want to get up and move your feet after hearing this one and “CHOPLIFE” is one I’m sure you’ll hear spinning in a dance near you soon. Rightly so because who doesn’t want to forget their worries and focus on the enjoyment and proclaim “More money, more money/ Chale, and enjoyment”.

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