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Five For Friday is back again with 5 releases from the past week you should pay attention to.

Five For Friday is back again giving you 5 great tracks/projects for your Friday. Friday is essentially the most important day of the week musically, and typically a lot of music drops on Friday’s. With it being another very busy week of great music to make life a little easier this Friday we are giving you 5 of our top picks that have recently dropped to start off your weekend listening. 

Biyi – The Fix

Biyi might not be a name you’re aware of – but he should be. The North London rapper is an exciting talent that sits on the more alternative side of the genre (think 808INK, kadiata, etc). Outside of music, Biyi also has a successful career as a Rugby player for Wasps Rugby team that plays in the English Premiership. Clearly, he has talent to spare and musically he shows that despite having released relatively few songs since his 2018 debut. Across The Fix EP we get a sonic experience that takes us across the globe with Brazilian infused tracks, Jazz inspired productions, Garage and even more Trap type beats. Yet all of the songs flow together well and The Fix serves as a great entry point to Biyi musically.

SwitchOTR Ft. A1 x J1 – Coming For You

“Coming For You” has already been doing the rounds, it’s a viral hit with over 13 million streams already which got its initial momentum off of everyone’s latest favourite platform – TikTok. It’s one of the first releases on Sony‘s new label Robots & Humans which is focussing on a more technology focussed approach and identifying and developing talent in a way that’s more organic to our current musical landscape than the traditional. “Coming For You” is the perfect example of that strategy but ultimately all that matters is the music and it’s a banger. You’ve almost certainly heard it already but now we’ve got the added benefit of the official video to see the fun and vibrant energy of the track come to life.

Chrissi – Back In The Day EP

Chrissi is an incredible emerging talent that you should be tapping into now. Having only released her debut solo single in September she’s quickly followed that up with a stunning 4 track EP. She’s worked closely with fellow burgeoning (Mercury Prize & MOBO nominated) talent BERWYN on the music and is even supporting him on his tour that starts next week. The project features the two previously released singles “Back In The Day” and “Lady Kisses” and the two new tracks don’t disappoint on delivering to that same standard she’s set for her sound. “Tracksuit” looks to be an early fan favourite with it being her most upbeat release to date and feels almost seductive even though it’s a song that’s all about an unrequited love. On the whole, the project is full of relatable and extremely vulnerable writing alongside great vocal performances and excellent production choices. It’s a stunning debut and one well worth your time this weekend.

Odeal – OVMR: Hits No Mrs

Already established as one of the key voices from the UKs Alte scene Odeal delivers us that OVMBR care pack and the projects tongue in cheek title lives up to its name. Odeal is a quality over quantity artist and yet despite this, he’s delivered consistent singles and guest performances throughout the year that’s culminated in a 5 track EP of all new music. He’d teased some of the tracks in advance of the project even being announced and I know a lot of us were really anticipating these tracks, “1942” in particular had people itching for the official release when it was teased. The itch has been scratched and alongside the incredible “1942” we get quality track after quality track. Like he said it’s all hits no misses on this body of work.

See Also

D-Block Europe – Home Alone 2

Having taken a longer break between project releases for Home Alone 2 I feel like fans were really anticipating this project in the same way they were the original. That time seems to have paid off as Home Alone 2 feels a bit more tailored than some of DBE‘s more recent projects did. Personally, I don’t think quality has ever been a problem for DBE – if it was they wouldn’t be doing the numbers they are and on Home Alone 2 they deliver on that quality. From the Young Adz solo “Money Can’t Buy Heart”, “Love Is Blind”, and two of the strongest tracks with features “Miskeen” and “Don’t Go” the quality is there. Just be prepared to jump in and out of the project unless you’ve got an hour to spare to run through the project from start to finish.

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