Five Things To Take From The Election Debate Last Night

BBC Election Debate 2017

Last night saw the election debate from the leaders of the seven political parties, well six. With Theresa May’s spineless no show the floor was left open to criticize Tories policies and further shun a light on the consistent U-turns in the Conservatives plans for the UK . As well as the fact that the prime minister didn’t feel the need to show up. There was playground bickering and professional punchlines but no real stand out moments from any of the politicians. It was very apparent that the studio audience was in favor of Jeremy Corbyn’s views and ideals. Green Parties co-leader Caroline Lucas spoke truth that resonated with many viewers. She spoke on the importance of sustainable fuels & the health of the people not just the health of the economy.

Tim Farron the Liberal democrats leader had witty comments such as  “Where do you think Theresa May is tonight? Take a look out your window. She might be out there sizing up your house to pay for your social care.”

The debate did not answer any questions that many of us were wondering and it certainly did not convey a clear leader to take us through the Brexit negotiations. It in fact conveyed that there is a clear divide between the opinions of the political parties and that each party represents a very different vision for Britain. Well I suppose that’s why it’s called a democracy.

With media headlines focusing on Theresa May’s no show, It further put a focus on her campaign. The politicians should of used the stage to voice all the key principles in their policies and not give Amber Rudd any material to play with. The debate was a pitch for our vote and instead was a squabble between political leaders.

Here’s what we can gather from last nights debate

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  1. There is a clear divide with the opinions on Immigration between political leaders
  2. It is evident that the conservative Government has a huge hand in the finance & distribution of Arms in the Middle East
  3. The politicians cannot decide whether tax increases will help our economy or hinder it
  4. Tim Farron should of been a comedian
  5. We are no closer to finding out what the Brexit negotiations will look like

The General election takes place in seven days from now , let’s hope we start to see a clear leader emerge from the pack.

Election day is June 8th, Remember to Vote and use your power. #GE2017

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