Flossy Eyewear releases new ‘futuristic’ collection

Flossy Eyewear releases new ‘futuristic’ collection

Flossy Eyewear, founded in 2017 releases new collection named ‘Futuristic’. Founder Fifi Abdallah shares how the inspiration of the new collection came from the hope in wanting a better future for the next generation. The name futuristic highlights the forward-thinking nature of Fifi as an entrepreneur, and how she hopes to be a source of inspiration for the next generation. The message behind the brand’s new collection is representation Fifi stated “if you don’t see representation it is your job to represent other race, gender, religion and ethnicities. As no one said you cannot be first”. We had the opportunity to speak with Fifi on her journey as an entrepreneur:

In what year did you found Flossy Eyewear, amd what was the inspiration behind the brand?

“I created the brand Flossy Eyewear in 2017. What inspired me to create the brand was the difficulty for being a new grad trying to find employment . So I thought whilst I seek a graduate role, why not be creative and do what I love and monetize off it. I created the brand Flossy Eyewear as a way of tapping into my entrepreneurial gift. I call it a gift because it allowed me to do my absolute best with the least amount of effort . I knew it was my calling as my Mother is also an entrepreneur so that helped and gave me confidence to start my own; being absolutely fearless with it. As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

What do you love most about entrepreneurship? 

“Loving what I do and being able to bounce back from L’s . Entrepreneurship is about consistency and being passionate about your business. Its about taking calculated risks, making sacrifices and most importantly understanding that things don’t always go your way so definitely mastering  perseverance. I love the concept of trial and error and when I finally get the results and most importantly the growth from three years ago to now.Its such an amazing feeling.”

What can we expect to see from Flossy Eyewear in the future? 

“So long term goal is to spend more time building the brand focusing on increasing awareness. Currently I am working on putting Flossy Eyewear on online platforms like Amazon. However my ultimate goal is to create luxury pieces for Celebrities like Headie one, Mr Eazi and Stefflon Don. I would love to stock my brand in the largest luxury department store in Europe known as Harrods. Located in one of the most prestigious areas of London. This is will be would be the dream!

I would love for my Luxury pieces to be seen by 100,000 people daily and the fact that it was once owned by an Egyptian Mohamed A-fayed; its only right that I show my heritage gratitud being from the same continent. I would also love to make the Forbes 30 under 30, time is ticking but I hope the universe is also listening, as speak it into existence. Most importantly creating legacy and representing culture through creativity will always be apart of the vision”

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