“By seeing Muslim women through the eyes of Muslim women, I want the audience to get a more expansive understanding of us.”

Introducing FMC,  a newly established arts organization that seeks to nurture female Muslim artists. The organisation was founded by Najwa Umran a 20 year old creative based in London. Earlier this year she put a call out on twitter and had a massive response with over 3.5k retweets and 400 submissions from Muslim girls in 32 countries.

 “It brought to light a sense of invisibility these women faced in the art world.” – Najwa Umran

FMC‘s aim is to nurture the talent of Muslim women and unravel their artistic potential. “Many of the women who found themselves represented in the organization all come from a highly conservative background.”  FMC seeks to create a support system that provides a foundation for these artists to grow their work. In an environment with people that will relate to their life challenges and circumstances. “This will be done through providing workshops and mentors to nurture the artists work. Panel discussions to break down taboos as well as bi-annual exhibitions featuring the artists themselves to have their work displayed.”

Glory in dis honour conveys the work of eleven female Muslim artists exploring the themes of sisterhood and sexuality.

It aims to tackle the taboos around the sexual nature of Muslim women as well as celebrate us to our very core through sisterhood. It also seeks to destroy the remnants of control these women feel when trying to express themselves due to patriarchal bonds that stunt their growth. – Najwa Umran


The Glory In Dis Honour is a celebration of Muslim women. Something that is not seen often in this western world.  The exhibition is open to people of all colours and walks of life. It is fundamental to attend events like this to expand your understanding of cultures that we live amongst & gage a better understanding of the challenges that Muslim women face.

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Art has no colour and it’s great to see platforms that exhibits work that encourages engagement and enlightenment.

Glory In Dis Honour exhibition launches today and runs until the 19th of August 2017.

To grab tickets visit

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