The Talk Show Host Who Describes Herself As Unapologetically Shady With A Twist

This week GUAP caught up talented Presenter, Fourens to gain insight on some of the amazing things she has been up to. She recently interviewed American singer-songwriter Donnell Jones on his recent UK tour. Read more to check out our exclusive interview with Fourens:

Where were you born and raised?
“I was born in Nigeria and moved to London at 2, and I’ve been a London girl ever since!”

If you were to summarise what you do in a sentence, what would you say?
“Talk show host with an unapologetically shady twist.”

How do you keep up to date with celebrity gossip?
“I tend to follow A LOT of Instagram gossip pages and celebrities, I’m a big twitter user so I see a lot of things unfold in real time. Funnily enough I also have a lot of either celebrities or people in the industry message me inside intel. Crazy story but I once had a video model call me and to give me the low down on Kelis and Nad when that whole thing happened, I also had someone who was in the club with Tristan DM me about the night he cheated.”

What motivated you to start #ThePalmTree?
“I’ve always been interested in celebrity gossip, I’m also super witty on twitter so and I just didn’t feel like there was anyone doing this in the UK. I felt like everyone was playing it safe, but I’ll say things how I see them so I figured why not take this to Youtube?”

What do you love and hate about Twitter?
“I love what it exposes you to, the platform to promote your craft and the people you can meet from there who change your life. I hate how anyone can tell you anything, like someone who hasn’t even brushed their teeth that morning can talk to you sideways, also someone will ALWAYS have an issue with something you say.”

What do you have planned for 2019?
“This year will be a great one, I have some amazing interviews lined up with some legendary people. I’ll also be hosting a lot more events and guesting on various other platforms so keep your eyes peeled for me!”

What sets you apart in your industry?
“No one else has my personality, not to toot my own horn but I’ll most likely be the funniest girl you know. Also there’s a huge space for a black talk show TV host and here I am.”

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What is the motivation behind what you do?
“I love doing it! But bigger than me I want to create a black space for all types of Black talent. I’m exhausted of seeing the same black narrative in the media pushed so this is why I do what I do.”

What advice would you give to those that are trying to create their own celebrity gossip platform along their personal brand?
“Just do it! Even if you think the market is saturated, you are you and you will bring something to it. Be ready to have your fingers on the pulse, you have to be ready to film asap because things happen so quickly in this industry. Most importantly; be ready for backlash, everyone is on some sort of high horse.”

To keep up to date with Fourens movements, before sure to connect with her on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.

(Photo Credit: missbeedie)
(Photo Credit: missbeedie)

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