[@foxyneela] explores what it really means to wear yellow


‘Yellow is proven to psychologically lift our spirits and self-esteem, bringing confidence and optimism ‘ – Mahaneela

You’re probably familiar with the ‘ black girl in yellow ’ hashtag. As summer is fast approaching, it’s no doubt your Instagram feed will be filled with everyone in yellow. The hashtag developed during the ‘melanin popping ‘ wave. Darker skinned women especially, took to social media to embrace their complexion. It’s a fact that bright colours work best on darker skin and wearing yellow emphasised the appreciation of melanin.

Mahaneela, a creative from London and also part of the creative agency In Bloom, has taken the significance of wearing yellow further. The photographer, writer and founder of COZY MAG started the wear yellow project.

” I have always been captivated by colour, and recently I have been researching the colour Yellow. Yellow is fascinating to me for many reasons, it is a colour with historical, psychological, anthropological and spiritual importance. I want to explore the values associated with yellow in tandem with those same values and their interaction with people within the diaspora. I also want to explore the spiritual and psychological effects of introducing more yellow into my life and the lives of others around me. “

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The theory behind colour dates back over 100 years in the field of psychology. Psychologist Carole Kanchier says that “yellow is associated with happiness, freedom, optimism and mental concentration”. Therefore, wearing yellow is more than just nice aesthetic. The fact that more people are wearing yellow could also show that the colour really does have an effect on our confidence and self-esteem.

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