From Burgers to Bangers – Talking with RUFUS [@rufus_mackay] About New Single, ‘Taking Flight’

Words By: Matthew Griffiths

With the release of his new single ‘Taking Flight’ we caught up with upcoming talent RUFUS.

I love hearing the origin stories of successful artists. It’s the realness of them – there’s something really grounding about knowing that Margot Robbie used to work at Subway, or Jorja Smith at Starbucks. Upcoming artist RUFUS, after a night of real frustration flipping burgers and washing dishes, went home and recorded his latest track, ‘Taking Flight’. It’s catchy, raw, and an intriguing blend of genres. I got the opportunity to ask RUFUS for his thoughts on a few things about himself, his label and the single ‘Taking Flight’. Here’s what he had to say.

So, ‘Taking Flight’ – there’s a lot going on here stylistically! It’s a really impressive composite of sounds. How did you arrive at this sound? I know you play guitar, but there’s definitely more going on in there.

To be fair I do play the guitar but on this occasion I sampled it and the track built itself from there. It does have a lot of different sounds but I guess that’s just me and my taste.

You’re from Wiltshire, right? What’s the music scene like down there? Does the South West have a sound?

For me, the South West does not have a particular sound but does seem to produce some really interesting talent be it UK rap, indie, afro or R&B.

You used to produce for your peers in college. Do they still make music now? Do you think you’ll collab in future?

Although I worked with different artists and producers at college we were all kind of learning together so it was fun. Going forwards who knows, anything is possible.

Did you produce songs on your own before? What’s it been like working with producers like TheElements, Remedee, Kxlla K, and Chris Rich? Have you learned anything from them?

Yes I have always been able to produce whether it‘s in the box or playing an instrument. I loved working with all of the above, they are all different in their own way so I got inspiration from all of them.

You’ve said the lyrics in ‘Taking Flight’ were about not wanting to work in restaurants and cleaning dishes anymore – but now are you glad you did those jobs, so you could create this song?

Of course, I would not be in the place I am today with the opportunities open to me unless I had put the hard work in beforehand and yes it helps with the writing process a lot.

Maybe one day you’ll hear your music playing in the restaurants you used to work at (if you ever set foot back in there).

Walking into my old place of work or any restaurant to be fair and hearing my music being played would be a success in itself.

As the lyric goes, do you literally trust everything inside your heart, or is it just when it comes to your music? Did you ever doubt yourself getting to where you are now?

Yes I do trust everything inside my heart when it comes to music. Never doubted my talent but I still have a long way to go though.

Do you find songwriting easy? How long did ‘Taking Flight’ take to create? 

I find it easier now because of the help I have had off my publisher, and Gary Go and the coaching he has given, encouraging me to believe in myself and the writing process.

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As the very first artist signed to TAPE Music Group, what attracted you to them, or how did they find you? 

I love the TAPE brand including their studios, producers and resource. They also have world class artists that pass through their spot either partying or working so it‘s a dream to be associated with TAPE.

My manager booked a session in with Jermaine (Director of TAPE) and it just grew from there.

I like the honest emotion in your voice. Do you have any vocal inspirations? What about your inspirations in general?

I don’t have any specific inspirations vocally but I take a lot from all types of music. I was not very academic so seeing people have success in the music industry gives me inspiration and belief as I want to be there one day also.

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