From Employee to Entrepreneur: [@LuxemoreLondon] Founder Annie Beatson Shares Her Story

Founder of Luxemore, Annie Beatson successfully launched her business after leaving her 9-5 role. She took this opportunity to exercise freedom, by taking matters into her own hands; which led to her taking a new path. GUAP interviewed Annie on her transition from employee to entrepreneur. She shares the autonomy Luxemore has given her to educate others on the importance of chemical-free hair products. 

How would you describe the transition from Employee to Entrepreneur?

“I was working for a tech start-up and had been there for 3 years working in various departments. In February 2018, I was informed the department I was heading up was shutting down and I was secretly elated! Having previously owned a business, I always had intentions of going back into entrepreneurship and this was the sign I needed. God has laid it on my heart to create an impactful brand, so it was a transition I was willing to make, albeit a decision not to be taken lightly.”

This transition must have given you a sense of freedom, what advice would you give to others wanting to start their own ventures?

“My honest advice is only start your own venture if you are extremely passionate about what you plan to do. Entrepreneurship is not easy, you will need a lot of resilience and drive to keep going.  There are more lows than highs so please do not be misguided by the successes shown on social media. Leaving the rat race is very freeing, however the transition comes with new challenges that you need to be able to consistently overcome.”

We hear Luxemore is international, tell us more about your launch in Ghana?

“It was symbolic launching in Ghana first as it is where my family is from and my long-term goal is to be able to assist in creating a better Africa.   The launch in Ghana was something I was passionate about doing, and it was important to collaborate with other African entrepreneurs.  I worked with a creative studio called Mhoseenu and used social media and word of mouth to promote; thankfully I had a good turnout.”

How would you describe Luxemore to someone that had never heard of the brand?

“Luxemore London is a premium, all-natural hair and skincare brand. Our products are 100% chemical-free and vegan. We provide shampoo and conditioners sets, hair and body bars and our organic oils can be used on hair, beard and skin.”

What is the ethos of the brand?

“Our ethos is to always be ethical and responsible. We promise to keep the customer and the environment at the forefront of our mind when creating products and throughout all our decisions.”

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How do you look to transform the Natural-Hair care industry?

“By creating safe products that work well and look great. I believe my customers deserve to feel a sense of pride and joy when they purchase my products. This is curated by the brand aesthetic and trust in knowing everything is free of anything harmful.”

What does Freedom mean to you?

“Freedom to me is the ability to do what I love at all times and staying true to the promise I made with myself and God. I am extremely grateful that this is the life I am blessed to live now.”

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