From The Keyboard To A Microphone, This Black Muslim Woman Has A Voice You Must Hear

Ni’mah, also known as Nimz, is an all rounded creative and a forward-thinking fashion icon. Finding her voice in digital expression she created a web magazine called MKTB (pronounced ‘Maktub’, which in Arabic means ‘it is written’). On it she documents and explores the UK’s rich Muslim fashion, art, and culture that rarely make it to mainstream media.

She showcases a diverse range of young followers of the faith freely expressing themselves, contrary to what ideas about the community this current society holds. In addition to this her podcast which is cleverly named MNTQ (said as ‘Mantuq’ meaning ‘it is spoken’) and discusses a series of current  important topics faced by people of all walks of life.

However as a black Muslim woman living in London, Ni’mah says there are moments where she feels like a ‘minority within a minority’ when it comes to access and inclusion. But this does not stop Nimz from working hard. Motivated by a good come up story and determined to dominate after watching Beyonce’s Coachella performance, the thought of quitting can never be an option. Her heart is set on excelling within the platform she’s created and although she has accomplished a lot already Nimz is yet to define her ‘brand’ and ‘style’.

‘I do think it’ll be cool to walk into a room and have people who have excelled in their field recognise me. Like, imagine having Serena Williams or Beyonce saying ‘Oh hi Nimz, I love what you do’. I’d probably melt.’

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Her advice is that it is important to accept the bad days for what they are and recognise they’re a part of life. She says to process your feelings, try to hear what your subconscious is trying to tell you and to just keep pushing.

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