GASH Documentary Launch Party 17.05.18 [@roniebondmag]


This Thursday will see the launch of a new Documentary ‘GASH’ , Directed by Abigail Adeoti, Founder of The film  explores women in underground music and media. Featuring ground-breaking art scene hustlers such as Sian Anderson, Siobhan Bell and Miraa May, GASH is the first exposé of it’s kind to focus solely on women who are making waves within the industry.

Siobhan Bell, Courtesy of

GASH was a derogatory term used mainly by mandem to refer to women, so in 2009 you had tunes like “Gash by the Hour” by Nu Brand Flexxx and that song perfectly encapsulates the way the word gash was used, to dehumanise women and sexually objectify them. My brother came up with the name and my girl Camille was like what does it stand for? and I came up with grime and art scene hustlers, I changed this to groundbreaking art scene hustlers because I feel like grime is such a big buzzword right now it’s almost lost its real meaning. But the film is very much rooted in Grime mentality especially it’s DIY, underground ethos. –  Abigail

Watch the trailer below.

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To attend the launch Party  visit DICE.COM for Tickets, or RSVP at

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