Gentle Monster X Jennie Release Quarantine Moods ‘JENTLE HOME’ Collaboration

Bringing out another spring summer sunglass collection Gentle monster present a collection featuring K pop star Jeannie from the girl band BLACKPINK. The release includes a diverse range of silhouettes from the standout statement numbers to everyday staples.

The editorial campaign shot by fashion photographer Hugo Comte captures duplicates of Jennie in different poses and states, this not only reflects the current state of society with many of us taking on different moods and different states during self-isolation, having to be our own best friend, drinking partner, gym partner and much more but the images also showcase an interesting take on versatility and the wearability of each pair of glasses suiting Jeannie’s face in every shot. The shoot is able to capture more of the sunglasses with the same model to show how the glasses create different moods and looks in one individual.

The campaign gives off a futuristic feel created with the isolated close proximity of each duplicate of Jeannie, despite how close they are, there is no link and a lack of interaction within the photos, each version of Jeannie convey entirely different personalities as if to be robot clones without the need for human interaction. Looking at the shoot from an artistic perspective the campaign presents questions and perhaps a reflection into the future post-COVID-19, what will social interaction between humans look like after all this? This aesthetic and imagery matching perfectly with the brands timeless yet innovative style that is constantly looking to current times and the future for inspiration.

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The full collection will be available to buy on the 21st of April at Gentle

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