Get to know Miso Extra, an artist in her own world.

When I sit down to have a chat with artist Miso Extra in Hoxton’s sleek record store, Love Vinyl, I get the sense that she is in a world of her own and always has been. Miso Extra confirms my thoughts when I ask her to introduce herself for the video and, instead of citing London as her base, says she is based in the Misoverse.

In Miso Extra’s world, her Japanese and British heritage fuse, like on her spacey track 1013, where she switches between singing in English to rapping in Japanese on an accordion melody. Miso Extra’s interests in Anime and Hip Hop inspire her style and beauty choices, as well as her overall vibe, which radiates quiet self-assurance and witty jokes that come easily.

After struggling to place her sound in existing categories, Miso Extra coined the Misoverse. This concept helps her create authentically, making her the perfect focus for the new adidas Originals Astir trainers, designed to support female and non-binary creatives in their day-to-day.

Here, we get to know Miso Extra:

What is the Misoverse? 

The Misoverse, it’s like my creative alter-ego almost; it’s like a place I live in and allow others in to create. 

When did you realise you wanted to take music seriously?

It’s something that I’ve always been into. Take it seriously? I’m not sure if I still take it seriously, but it’s something I enjoy doing, and the current project that’s being put out came about during the lockdown. 

Which artists have inspired your personal style?

I always cite MF DOOM and A. K. Paul and Queen Latifah probably. 

How would you style the adidas Originals Astir’s?

I would probably wear the Astir’s kind of out and about, to the studio, to the shops, just kind of on a day to day basis.

Miso Extra wears her own clothes styled with adidas Originals Astir trainers from OFFICE shoes.

Tell us about a key moment in your career? 

Making NME 100 was a really big deal for me, and having the Gorrilaz co-sign was quite cool, like having them post it on playlist, which was really really cool. 

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What’s a rule you live by creatively?

Try and spend less time doing things that you don’t enjoy doing.

What’s the hardest lesson you’ve had to learn?

The constant making mistakes and being okay with making mistakes, I think, is definitely the lesson I’ve learnt. 

Miso Extra wears her own clothes styled with adidas Originals Astir trainers from OFFICE shoes.
Miso Extra wears her own clothes styled with adidas Originals Astir trainers from OFFICE shoes.

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