Get to know streetwear brand CoSignedByGod [@CosignedxGod]

Get to know streetwear brand CoSignedByGod [@CosignedxGod]

CosignedByGod is a streetwear brand for the Kingdom Of God. Based in Houston, Texas the brand is inspired by individuals from all different walks of life. The brand symbolises living your life freely in one’s truth in a secular world. We had the opportunity to speak with Founder Tianna Jenkins, who founded the brand this year:

What inspired you to launch CosignedByGod ®? 

“The inspiration behind CosignedByGod ® comes from the love we have for God. We are influenced by God, and inspired by The Holy Spirit. We are truly inspired by the people and different walks that life can take us on. CosignedByGod ® is a way of living in your truth without secular point of views. CosignedByGod ® is Kingdom approval and Kingdom credentials only. God is everything we need in order to live this life intentionally for him.

We no longer have to rely on our own standards, because the standard of God is far beyond any lifestyle we could ever imagine. The world will never validate your existence, because God has already paved the way for some of your greatest blessings to find you. Gods approval is nobody’s denial. When God says yes, nobody can reject your plans. Your existence is a reflection of God, and God has already Cosigned your future.”

What are your main objectives as a faith-focused brand? 

“Our main objective is to oversaturate the nation with the love of God through a CosignedByGod ® lifestyle. We want to forever love God’s people wholeheartedly, turn non believers into believers, and actively impact millions of communities. We want our brand to speak volumes to those who are fighting depression, anxiety, suicidal ideation, sickness, diseases, and those who need confirmation from God. At the end of the day, it’s impossible to love God and not love his people.”

Do you look to branch into different areas like communities, studies and events in the future?

“If you already do please feel free to share. Yes, we plan to work with different culture leaders in the community. We would love to work with different schools, community colleges, HBCU, food banks, charities, churches, and host community faith based events. It’ll be super cool to work with kids, toddlers, and babies as well on different CosignedByGod ® projects in the near future. We will branch into the gospel/music industry to work with some of your favorite Grammy nominated artists, Stellar nominated gospel artists, and different music artists in general. The sky is unlimited, and we have massive plans ahead of us!”

What is the brand vision, and what can we expect to see from CBG in the future? 

“Our vision is to branch out different tasks under CosignedByGod ®. We have plans on offering in house PR services to Christian Entrepreneurs, CosignedByGod ® kids collections, a bi monthly publication to the Christian Community, gospel concerts, yearly events for the youth, and a lot of different other avenues. The vision is massive and we are coming to spread the Love Of God in a non secular way. It’s perfectly fine to be like God, because God is cool. We don’t have to live in this world and act like the world is the answer to our problems.”

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