Get to know Vogue Beauty Writer Twiggy Jalloh in our latest editorial in collaboration with Our Maison

Get to know Vogue Beauty Writer Twiggy Jalloh in our latest editorial in collaboration with Our Maison
It is a long-awaited, sunny and warm day in London since the Winter season. Twiggy arrives at the shoot in all black: dressed in a body-con midi dress, a head wrap and shades. Twiggy’s fit tells me she has decided to take advantage of the rare warm sun that day, although the black signified she knew it wouldn’t last long. 

The shoot day was the opposite, it was one of those shoots that feels like it might never end but Twiggy like the true fashionista she is, maintained her energy throughout the day and gave us what we needed her to give. 

Introducing Twiggy Jalloh, a British-Sierra Leonean, born and raised in London. Twiggy wears many hats, from being a fashion assistant and writer at Vogue to content creation and podcasting – Twiggy is an all around creative. We got to know Twiggy some more in our editorial below: 

twiggy jalloh

Terna: Please introduce yourself and tell me a bit about your background

Twiggy: My name is Twiggy Jalloh, I’m a British-Sierra Leonean, born and raised in London. I am a writer, journalist, a podcaster, content creator and just all around creative

Terna: What did you have for breakfast today?

Twiggy: Oh gosh, I got it in a rush, like I literally went into Pret and got the mushroom and egg and cheese bap thing. It tastes so good, little bit of ketchup, delicious. 

Terna: How do you get ready for your day? 

Twiggy: How do I get ready for my day? Wake up, say my affirmations. Put myself in a good mood, feel good. What do I do? Of course have a shower, brush my teeth, all the basic stuff. How do I get ready? Put on my makeup. Putting on makeup makes me feel good. Do my eyebrows, a little bit of powder, yeah I would say that is like my basic routine in the morning. 

twiggy jalloh
Top and trousers – ÖFUURË | Jewellery – Alighieri | Wig – To All My Black Girls
twiggy jalloh
Scarfs – Vintsol | Glasses – Bonnie Clyde | Bracelets – Alighieri

Terna: How do you stay inspired?

Twiggy: Reading, I always read. Go on Instagram. I follow really inspirational pages. I like my infographics, I like watching videos. I like Gary Vaynerchuk, he keeps me inspired, he keeps me going. What else keeps me inspired? I would say my girlfriend keeps me inspired, she’s amazing. My friends, my family, working. I work around a lot of creative people and I’m always doing something different everyday. So I guess it keeps me going, and it keeps, you know, it keeps things exciting. 

Dress and head tie – Lace & Needles London | Wig – To All My Black Girls
twiggy jalloh

Terna: What is one item that makes you feel instantly put together?

Twiggy: The one item that makes me feel put together would be my Mac mineralise skin finish in dark deepest, even if I’m not wearing foundation, I just get my brush, put it all over my face. It evens my skin tone, makes me glow and yeah, it’s just a really simple step but it makes the biggest difference. 

Terna: When did you know that you wanted to be a writer?

Twiggy: I don’t think I’ve ever actually known that I wanted to be a writer. I’ve always known that I wanted to work in journalism or in media, or do something creative but I guess when I did do my first internship at Refinery 29, I just learned there that oh I’m quite good at this. I was always good at English in school, but doing it professionally, I just never thought it would happen. But when I actually did it, I just realised that I’m actually good at it, it’s exciting and I can do other stuff around it as well. I don’t write all of the time, but yeah, I guess I just love storytelling, I like writing about people that inspire me. 

twiggy jalloh
Dress – Shako The Label | Jewellery – Alighieri | Wig – To All My Black Girls
twiggy jalloh

Terna: What’s a little known fact about you? 

Twiggy: A little known fact is that I have ADHD, not a lot of people know that. I actually found out recently, but it is something that I’m learning more about and learning more about myself, so yeah shout out to the other neuro-diverse people out there. 

Terna: Do you have a favourite beauty trend or beauty product that’s come out recently?

Twiggy: I like the Kevin Aucoin skin tint finish. I don’t know, like the Mac mineralise skin finish, it just makes my skin glow, it’s really easy to use. There’s not many shades, but the shades are super universal so anyone can use it basically, it’s just amazing all round. 

Terna: Where do you see yourself by the end of this year? 

Twiggy: End of this year, I would have my promotion, my podcast sponsored, I would have my house deposit, because I want to buy my house, and I would also have my beauty brand going. 

Creative Direction Our Maison, Terna Jogo
Photography Terna Jogo
Video Director Joladé Olusanya
Videographers Marq Rodriguez, Sam Adjaye
Editor Marq Rodriguez
Stylist Felicia Brown
Styling Assistant Arifa Kabir
Hair and Makeup Nancé-Synthiah Katende
Nails Monica Villanueva
Location Saint Aymes
Set Design Lois Wilson, Michela Wilson

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