Ghetts [@THEREALGHETTS] goes off on ‘Microsoft Word’

Ghetts delivers a masterclass on ‘Microsoft Word’ ahead of his upcoming project.

‘Microsoft Word’ – there was no title more fitting a track that flexes the art of writing to this extent. We know who Ghetts is, what he’s about, but every time he delivers it’s a jarring reminder that the reason he has remained a mainstay in the UK scene is because of his ability to evolve and constantly outdo himself. There are always comments of “Ghetts is back” when tracks like this drop, but the truth is he has never left and if you thought he had you just weren’t listening properly.

Swindle provided a menacing instrumental that feels like it could have been handled by no one better than Ghetts. That dark backing track allows for a sense of unease that makes the impact of the words feel like jolts to the system as each line connects. Lyrically he can never be questioned but on ‘Microsoft Word’ it feels like a purposeful reminder that he can do it all day and almost effortlessly. Add to this the abundance of flows and the charismatic delivery varying which syllables and words are emphasised, and any fan of great music should be salivating.

‘Microsoft Word’ is the emphatic announcement of a new Ghetts project on the horizon, and with more of this level of skill in store for us, it is one to watch out for.

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