Politics: Go Green For Grenfell Tower – Sunday 14th June 2020


We will never forget Grenfell Tower

On this day, we remember the lives that were lost on Sunday 14th June 2017 in Grenfell Tower. A total of 72 people lost their lives in a fire, that consumed them and their loved ones before their time. By the time the fire brigade arrived at the scene, the building the 72 victims of Grenfell Tower had already passed. 74 more people were injured significantly and would bare scars much deeper than those that show on their skin. The horrors of remembering a place that they once called home, to now being the fire trap that was fixed from the start.

The West London tower block, consumed 72 lives that night because of the building society’s choice to spend little investment on the cladding, which ended up causing the fire to spread so quickly, leaving little chance for many to escape. Three years later, we still wait for justice to be served. It has also been revealed that around 56,000 people in 300 other blocks around the UK are still at risk as their buildings are covered in the same cladding that fuelled the fire at Grenfell. This crime against the British people remains unresolved and answers become less clear as time goes on.

We call for Justice for Grenfell Tower and encourage you to sign this petition, which calls for the government to remove the flammable cladding in all of the buildings in the U.K. Creator of the petition – Caitlin Allen – says “We can never again let another tragedy like Grenfell happen. The Government cannot fail its citizens in rented apartment buildings and council housing, disproportionately putting people from lower-income backgrounds at risk. The Government not taking action on this issue will cost more lives”

In tribute to each victim who died on this day, three years ago, the bells of London churches will toll 72 times and green lights will glow from tower block windows as remembrance on Sunday 14th June. From 10.30 pm people in homes across the UK have been asked to display a bright green light from their screens to show their remembrance and reflection for the tragic event. At GUAP Magazine, we go Green for Grenfell but we also sign and support the petitions and charities that are fighting for real change. Today we reflect but tomorrow we fight on. Rest in peace to all the men, women, and children who lost their lives in Grenfell Tower.

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