Grace Jones Bloodlight & Bami: Film Review

Sophie Fiennes documentary explores the Jamaican up bringing of Superstar Grace Jones you’ll be transfixed from the start. 

Described as one of the most eccentric and liberating stars of our time this documentary takes you behind the scenes of what it is like to step into Grace Jones’s world. From her witty humor to her unapologetic honesty there is nothing timid about Grace Jones and it was refreshing to see her in such a raw form.

One of the highlights of the documentary was when Grace was trying to open an oyster ” I wish my pussy was this tight” . It really did set the tone for a visual documentation of Grace’s hilarious and explosive personality.

The documentary takes you to Grace’s birth place of Jamaica where we get to see her re-visit memories of her childhood. She talks about her abusive Step – grandfather ‘Mas-P’ who use to use beatings as a form of discipline and how she thinks her scary demeanor comes from sub-consciously reenacting her step-grandfather in moments of his violence.  Jamaica is her place of comfort and it’s evident that her strict Jamaican up-bringing molded her into the women she is today. The intimate footage allows you to see why Grace became so successful in her career. She was a true visual artist. From the production of her music to the styling of her outfits Grace over-seed every tiny detail of her creative representation.

The documentary is a celebration of a women who became one of the world’s biggest stars simply by being her self. Both inspiring and touching Sophie Fiennes created an incredible documentary about an incredible soul.

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Four out of five stars.


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