Film & TV: What To Watch This Week! [@Netflix] [@SkyUK]


Don’t Let Your Quarantine Feel Like Groundhogs Day & Check Out What’s New To Watch on Netflix & Sky.

So let me tell you something you already know. This week your days are going to be spent remotely speaking to your co-workers, attempting to work out your summer body and lounging in front of your laptop, catching up on your favourite tv shows or movies. So let me give you a helping hand and point you in the direction of what to watch this week!

Extraction (Netflix) 

Starring action movie star Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake, an unstoppable black market mercenary hired to recuse the son of an infamous crime lord. Written by Joe Russo and directed by stuntman Sam Hargrave, the movie has a body count that every action movie watcher dreams of. Make sure to check it out on Netflix right now!

The Last Dance (Netflix) 

You don’t have to know the first thing about basketball to know who Michael Jordan or the Chicago Bulls are. This beautifully shot documentary is a new Netflix original series that explores Michael Jordan’s final season at the NBA club and the events on and off-court that led to the unforgettable victory. 

Hollywood (Netflix) 

Ryan Murphy has had a hand in creating some of the most popular TV shows in the past decade. Which include Glee and American Horror Story. Next in line of his astonishing work is Hollywood, which is set to premiere on Netflix – Friday 1st May. Hollywood will tell the story of the golden era of movie making, through the lens of people of colour and gay men. An interesting point of view to a time of history that is often only shown in cinema through the eyes of white people. 

See Also

Gangs of London (Sky & Now TV) 

Co-Written and Co-Directed by action movie legend Gareth Evans. Original Sky Action-Drama Gangs of London will not disappoint action lovers. Starring Peaky Blinder’s star Joe Cole as the son of an infamous gangster boss Finn Wallace played by Colm Meaney. The series follows him on the dangerous rampage to find the person(s) responsible for the death of his father. With Gareth Evans on board, there is no shortage of amazingly choreographed fight sequences that will have your eyes glued to the screen. 

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