GUAP Go down to Common People Festival [@commonpeopleso]

GUAP Magazine had the pleasure of attending Commonpeople festival in Southampton last week.

The likes of Stefflondon, Loyle carner, Becky hill and more were performers on this day. 2017 has already been the year of bangers and we’ve heard releases from some of these artists this year already, and just before we get festival ready we wanted to let you know our ‘Top 10 Tips’ to be festival ready, You’ve gotta stay woke and Common People taught us that you’ve gotta be prepared! As well as ready to party… Thank you for having us.

  1. Take cash – These cash points charge a bomb and you’ll regret not using that free machine in your area
  2. Don’t rely on adaptable chargers. CHARGE YOUR PHONE
  3. Bring headphones for your journey to and from the festival (unless your with your mates)
  4. Check the weather before you go, but don’t be fooled bring a jacket and a brolly.
  5. Girls, I know we wanna look cute, but where comfortable footwear
  6. Bring a bag- nothing to big but enough to pack; tissue, carmex, cream, sanitiser and your headphones
  7. Look buff.
  8. Unless your a mosh pit lover, stay back you’ll want to avoid all them bodies pushing against you.
  9. FOR THE GIRLS: avoid wearing lots of make-up but if you do take a top up kit and a compact mirror!
  10. Bring good vibes, no one wants a moody friend at a festival. So get in the spirit!

Have a great summer guys, hope you turn up.

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