GUAP Interviews: 24-Year Old Interior Designer & Business Owner – Aurelie Tshiam [@aurelietshiama]

Aurelie Tshiam

Aurelie Tshiam Is The Bright Future of The Interior Design Industry

Aurelie Tshiam

Tell us a little about yourself?
Aurelie: My name is Aurelie Tshiama, I’m 24, Congolese but raised in South London, Brixton. I am the founder of Aurelie Tshiama Interiors as well as a co-founder of Clamp Agency.

How long have you been an interior designer?
Aurelie: I began interior designing just under 2 years ago when I first launched my company.

Aurelie Tshiam

What inspired you to become an interior designer?
Aurelie: My parents built their first home in Congo and gave me creative control over the design of my own bedroom at the tender age of 14/15. That sparked my love for property as a whole, being able to construct and build. I usually answer this message with passion (tears) and a very expressive face. It’s a bit harder through a computer lol

Did you study interior design?
Aurelie: I actually started off studying Architecture, however, I felt that my heart was with interior design which I started studying just under a year ago. The course turned out to be something different, so I’m studying Architectural Design Technology. Yeah, uni is a funny story.

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Aurelie Tshiam
Aurelie Tshiam

Congratulations on your sold out masterclasses!  Why did you decide it was the right time to put this out? What would be your first advice for students trying to make their shared rented homes feel a little more like home?  
Aurelie: Thank you! I love giving. I love being able to support. I have something that I can give to budding interior designers or creatives like me, and with the sudden quiet that this quarantine season has given us, I now have the time and the space to give and share what I know so that most of my friends (students) will leave this season with a new gift that they can grow and ameliorate too. – My advice to students making their rented homes feel a bit more homely is COMMAND TAPE! Command tape gives you everything without costing you damage costs. White walls are the best foundation to make your place more suited to your personality. Pinterest is amazing. Check it out for inspo. Or check my work. Your choice. 🙂

What are the most important things to remember when renovating your home?   

Aurelie: Stick to one design plan. Don’t allow your mind to wonder and add more ideas otherwise your renovation will last forever. The second bit of advice would be to section your room into functions. It’ll give you a clearer picture.

Why is interior design so important?

Aurelie: The exterior of a home is what everyone sees. Your face, your skin, your eyes, your clothes. The interior of a home is an embodiment of the individual living in it. It’s the personality interpreted by the interior design. I don’t think it gets any more important than that.

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