GUAP Meets: J. Derobie – The Nungua Native embracing Dancehall [@jderobie]

J. Derobie is one of the most exciting prospects hailing from Ghana’s Nungua in Greater Accra.

With his Ghanaian heritage, you’d likely expect an Afrobeats or Alté sound from J. Derobie but he openly cites that some of his biggest musical influences are Jamaican artists. With that, we see a blend of styles across J‘s music but with a lot of it being led with Dancehall inspiration. This has definitely paid off after having released his recent project Nungua Diaries as his ‘Get Out’ track from the project has been included in Spotify’s Dancehall Official playlist. In light of the new project, it was only right we got to know the man himself a bit better.

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