GUAP Meets: Lockdown Is Giving Us Time To Rediscover Our Passions, Meet Nigerian Fashion Creative Richard Christopher [@Softface_official ]

We’ve seen all kinds of creativity coming from people quarantined all around the world, challenges have come and challenges have gone, from TikTok dances, the 30-day music challenge, the home couture challenge and more but for some people, its not just a self-isolation challenge to cure their boredom but a real passion that existed pre coronavirus and will exist post coronavirus.Before TikTok appeared on our radars and all over our feeds comedians were producing all kinds of hilarious videos with voiceovers created by themselves, using items in their house as props, before the makeup don’t rush challenge, makeup artists have been creating cool and interesting content using creative editing techniques and innovative makeup to present new looks and entertain their audience and of course as for the home couture challenge people have been taking on the challenge to recreate iconic fashion looks from the comfort of their home not out of boredom but pure passion.

I spoke with Richard Christopher A Nigerian creative and entertainer. I came across his Instagram a few months ago and found myself intrigued and totally engrossed in his unique and hilarious content. Richard Christopher takes the home couture challenge to another level combining raw materials, items from his wardrobe, random rubbish and pieces it together to recreate some of his favourite looks in the most comical and fun way, I loved Richards creations because I can both appreciate them from a design and creative aspect but humour and not taking himself too seriously plays a bit part in his content.  Richard brings the fun and experimentation back to Instagram fashion.

In the world of fashion, we have become accustomed to it being all about business, sales, serious poses and serious pictures, we forget how most of us fell in love with fashion, through art, through experimentation through a love of getting ready and having fun with it. During this time many of us are gaining back that childlike nature, we have the time to experiment to explore and fall back in love with our passions and to discover new passions, to be curious about what is next because we really don’t know and this is the time to create and enjoy this youthful energy we are getting back. 

We spoke to Richard about his work and what inspired him to start, heres what he had to say.

What inspired you to start recreating looks in such an original and comical way?

Richard: What really inspired me to do this is because of the love I have for fashion and I am someone who likes my solitude and im often alone so it keeps me busy and happy.

 What makes an outfit stand out enough for you to want to recreate it?

Richard: An outfit that is trending, that is still in vogue. An outfit with STATEMENT. 

what is the world of fashion like in Nigeria?

Richard: The world of fashion is crazy in Nigeria. We have different fashion designers doing excellent things. We have some many different styles and so much variation, everyone is doing their thing and doing something unique to other people. From the likes of Tihannna, swanky Jerry Derele Edun to mention a few. It’s exciting.

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What’s next for you? Is it just for fun or you are working on something ?

Richard:  Definitely it’s not just for fun, I’m working on something big. So u guys should keep your fingers crossed and watch this space.

How can you be more creative with recycling and reusing materials to create fashion like you do?

Richard: By doing things in a different way, just try things out because you never know the outcome. 

What message would you like to share to inspire other fashion lovers? 

Richard: Fashion runs the world, fashion is wild and crazy. Just do what you love, believe in yourself and your craft, be original and consistent with what you do and someday it will pay off.

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