GUAP Meets: Photographer Matt Sheehan Talks Latest Photo Series ‘Infinite’, fashion trends and the future of photography [@mattsheehanphoto]

Matt Sheehan is a versatile photographer and has worked with brands including Netflix, New Look and London’s most sought after independent clothing labels such as GVNMNT Clothing Co. Matt’s latest project infinite series explores fashion trends in contrasting eras and time zones. His images play with vibrant colours and shades inspired by his travels including the neon lights of Tokyo and fashion trends throughout the eras. Combining aspects of lighting with culture and fashion trends creates an interesting portfolio of images that take us through the ages as well as simultaneously through different time zones. Curious to hear more about Matt Sheehan’s photography inspiration we asked him a few questions about what it takes to stay current as a photographer, here’s what he had to say. 

What inspired you to start photography?

 Matt: I fell in love with photography after being given a photo book on NYC street photography and the idea that I could take a photo one day that wows someone the way I was turning the pages of that book.

What do you think the key element is to create an image that connects with people?

 Matt: I think the energy you give out is the energy you get back. For me it’s just about creating images I’m truly excited about, slowing down the process and going bigger with my ideas. At the end of the day any art form is subjective. If I’m excited about what I’m creating then it reflects what I put out.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

 Matt: I draw a lot of my inspiration from the late 70’s and the 80’s, particularly the cinema from those eras. This kind of neon lit perfectly imperfect idea of what the future would look like and the imagery that comes with that. 

In photography, you hear the term ‘ Having the Eye’ what does this mean to you? 

 Matt: I think it’s seeing the end result in your head before you lift your camera. Over time as you acquire more knowledge and build the right toolset you’re able to get closer and closer to that image in your head.

What is an important characteristic to have as a photographer? 

 Matt: Being a team player for sure. I can’t do everything and having the amazing team I have around me elevates every shoot and gives me room to dream bigger with my ideas creatively.

What’s one thing few people know about a career in photography? 

 Matt: You spend a lot of your time doing 100 things that aren’t taking photos. There’s so much that goes into one shoot. Emails, client acquisition, concepting, pre-production with the team, location scouting, casting. If you need a car, a car, Then it’s time to shoot. It’s crazy but it’s exciting to see each element all come together the way you envision it.

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Where do you think the future of fashion photography is headed?

 Matt: I think the technology behind photography is reaching its limitations. All cameras are amazing these days and so there’s so much more about the quality of an idea and how we can push boundaries and innovate. Things shift so much season on season that it’s hard to tell where things are heading exactly but that’s what makes being a creative so exciting. 

Do you have any advice to aspiring fashion photographers? 

 Matt: Think bigger than you think is possible, even if you only get 80% of the way there you’ll end up with a set of images that you’re insanely proud of.

To see more from Matt sheehan check out his website

Photographer: Matt Sheehan / @mattsheehanphoto
Stylist: Jamie Russell @stylistjjr
Muah: Maria Clayton / @x_maria_mua_x
Muah: Monnie Kaur / @monnie.k.makeupartist
Models: Kim Kiju @ Body London / @k_kiju_
Lim Jung @ Body London / @junglnllm
Emmie Brookes @ Zenith Model Management / @emmie_brookes
Lilly Bridger @ Zenith Model Management / @lilly_bridger
Georgia Ball @ Boss Model Management / @georgiahball
Jack Price @ Supa Model Management / @dackyp
Amy Isherwood @ Premier Model Management / @amy_isherwood
Michelle Krumov@ PRM Agency / @michellekrumov
Megan D / @megandvkBest

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