GUAP Meets: The Women of Ramadan [@snapsbynadia] + [@REDEFINING_C] & More


The unique experiences of Muslim Women During Ramadan


Note from photographer – Nadia Correia:

I have partnered with Redefining Concepts, a platform that brings together young talented creatives to work on a series of portraits. We have invited women, from different backgrounds and ages to come and talk to us about RAMADAN.

This project came to me as I felt women are not often given enough space or voice in Islam. Although I am not part of the community myself, I struggled to find female takes on what Ramadan meant to them or how they supported their families and each-others during this holy period. I wanted to unveil the sisterhood and family bonds behind such a special occasion.

We invited these women to talk to us, to talk about sisterhood and family, to show us some key objects they would normally hold close to them during this period.

Credits: “The Unheard Voices of Ramadan” Photo Series

Photographer & Retoucher – Nadia Correia

Art Director – Erin Tse

Assistant Set Designer – Pier Frames

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Make Up Artist – Billie Mckenzie

Production – Redefining Concepts

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