GUAP Mix 003: [@donchdeejay]

The Birmingham born DJ, ready to take the London music scene by storm.

At only 25 years old, Donch has managed to make a name for himself in the big capital of London. In 2011 he moved to London to pursue his education whilst working as a DJ until finally quitting his day job to focus solely on the art of being a DJ. This risk paid off as he now works as the resident DJ at Boxpark Croydon, Dj’s for musical platform FutureSNDS, Hotsince 91, The Pit LDN and much more. With his name all over the hottest parties and working hard as ever, Donch has shaken the London scene with his energetic mixes

Read the interview and find the tracklist below.


How did you become a DJ?

Initially I started off producing/making beats I was getting quite good at it, remixing songs and so forth around the time Bassline was popping in the Midlands and I wanted to further my reach so my friend said why don’t you become a DJ? So I did.

How long have you been a DJ?

Officially next year will be about 9 years but I have been playing clubs/events for about 7 years.

Controller’s VS Decks. What is the difference?

The easiest way I can explain it is this for me an automatic car vs a manual car.  Controller being (automatic) there are better controllers and they don’t stop Djs from doing the job but in the grand scheme you should be able to drive manual as well as automatic.

What is your favourite song to spin in the club?

At the moment it “Jacquees – BED” but maybe till the end of time, Future with ‘March Madness’ it will be my spiritual calling.

If you could create an alias DJ name what would it be and what music would you play?

Even though it’s already taken, ‘Doctor Cosmic’ is a wavy name but i’d be playing strictly funk and soul and earth wind & fire. I would be your moms favourite DJ.

 What’s the music scene like in Birmingham does it deserve more recognition?
The music scene in Birmingham I’d say is a little more cut throat in the sense that there’s not as much industry for everyone to really establish themselves. As of recent it would  be very rare to see a lot of people flourishing within Birmingham which means a lot of great artists Djs, producers kind of get missed by other cities.

What would you advise budding DJs?

Suspense is a key factor, warm up the crowd and save the music they want the most for as long as possible. Go to clubs study other types of Dj’s pay attention to everything, watch the crowd, literally take notes, and always know that no matter how big you get, keep trying to learn more. Your ears are your number 1 tool, rely on them and look after them. Reading any crowd doesn’t come over night but it’s what separates DJing  from just a hobby to an actually profession.

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If you could DJ anywhere in the world where would it be?


What are your earliest music memories?

At 6 or 7, being put on to Dj Ez’s pure garage CD’s and heavily gravitating to “Dj zinc – 138 trek” but not knowing why. Also Eminem and the Marshall Mathers LP at 8 by my Mum, looking back it was quite shaky my Mum not listening to this project first.

Favourite food to cook?

Jamaican brown stew chicken & rice with the fried dumplings .
How do you feel about Dancehall and Bashment being infused in Afrobeats today?
I’m totally with it! I’m Jamaican, but in 2017 my musical preference leans more to “afrobeats” then “dancehall” so a marriage of the two is an amazing thing, but my only problem would be, when people can’t distinguish a song that’s infused certain sounds, from an actual “dancehall song” which just has a UK or afrobeat artist on the beat because there is a difference. But this is not to take away from the fact that there are certain songs in this criteria which definitely have there own sound .


Everything Silk (SKIT)

2 Chainz – Im Diffrent
Bryson Tiller – Let Em Know
Stormzy – Velvet Jenny Francis Interlude
J hus – Did you see (VANDALIZED EDIT)
Justin Timberlake – Like i love you ft MLD (VANDALIZED EDIT)
Nas Ft. Ginuine – You Owe Me
P Diddy – Finna Get Loose
Que – Bobby Johnson
Que – OG Bobby Johnson (Acapella)
Bobby Brown – Don’t Be Cruel
Dennis Edwards – Don’t Look Any Further
Fat Joe – So Excited
Fine Wine Ft. Yxng Bane FOR AAA | KWAME EDIT
Rihanna – Neva Need u (needed me Krs. bootleg)
Rihanna – Work The Boat (Amorphous Mash-Up)
Rihanna – Work
Rihanna – Work (Playground Riddim Mashup) (Feat Drake)
general levy – incredible
Future – Wicked
O.T. Genasis ft. 2 Chainz – Thick
Camron ft Kanye – Down And Out
Drake Ft. 21 Savage – Sneakin’
Future – That’s A Check
Sonny Digital – Look At Me Now
Marvin Gaye – Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart)
50 cent – Ghetto Qu’ran
ScHoolboy Q – JoHn Muir
Nelly ft. Paul Wall, Ali & Gipp – Grillz
Yo Gotti & Mike Will Made It ft. Nicki Minaj – Rake It Up

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