GUAP Mix 004: [@Dobbyx3 ]

When you see the words, ‘Witchezz Brew’ what comes to mind?

Well this is the world of upcoming DJ, Dobby who is currently shutting down the clubs with the best in future beats, electronic, vogue, ballroom and all the sounds in between. In a world where representation is key, Dobby is a refreshing reminder that if you look closely enough you will find what you are looking for and in her case, it’s a genuine soul with a bag full of talent. Kick starting her DJ career at the age of 16 Dobby has since then been on a non-stop roll to create a name for herself in the world of music.

When she’s not on Reprezent radio as a presenter she is working behind the scenes at BBC 1Xtra alongside the likes of Jamz Supernova and if not that, she is playing out at the biggest festivals around England such as Strawberries and Creem and Creamfields. We at GUAP reckon she has a bright future ahead of her.

Read the interview and find the tracklist below.


What can people expect from this mix?

I’d say the cliché, expect the unexpected. But it’s true, there’s a lot of Future Beats, Bass, Vogue and Ballroom, as well as everything in between. It’s definitely a mix that’s very true to what I play out in clubs to get people going and it’s just one massive, fun, eclectic journey.

How did you get into DJing?

I can’t remember a time I was never not into DJing. My dad is a DJ so growing up I was used to watching him on the decks at home, and he’s always been that guy for anything to do with music and DJing but he never turned it into a career. So, to carry on his legacy I got him to teach me how to DJ properly when I was about 16 as I just felt ready and ever since then, I really honed and learned my craft. Hell, I’m still learning, I’m that girl in the club hovering around the DJ booth, watching the DJ and picking up on different skills.

What are the highlights of your career so far?

There’s been so many highlights. I’d say getting to play at Strawberries and Creem and Creamfields this year is one of them, and both were just surreal experiences that really taught me a lot about a DJ’s place in the festival world. Being asked by one of my radio and DJ idols, Mistajam, to be a resident for his night Jampacked which I’m still ever so grateful for, Jam really is opening doors for new talent to come through, which is refreshing. Finally, getting the opportunity to just DJ, do radio with Reprezent and interview the best of the best, I’m really blessed to be doing what I do full time and I wouldn’t swap it for anything.

What are your influences?

Jamz Supernova is a massive influence to me. She is just a true superstar, from being one of the sickest DJ’s I’ve seen, to her incredible 1Xtra show which I cannot miss out on, to her putting on one of my favourite club nights in London, Future Bounce, how could she not be one of my top influences. I’d also say at the moment, Princess Nokia is a massive influence to me too, just for the fact that she’s never afraid to be herself and stand up and show up for what she believes in. It’s so important in today’s society, in my opinion to do that, and she inspires me to just be myself and show up every single day.

Explain Witchezz Brew.

So Witchezz Brew is pretty much everything I do, whether it’s a radio show, or a DJ set, or a blog piece, it’s me sharing and showcasing the magic within and around me. I believe that everything has a little bit of magic within it, whether that be through music, through art, through words, through fashion and to be a vessel for that to come through, is one of the highest honours I could possibly have as a creative. Especially with music, for me, music is that one thing that connects everyone regardless of gender, sexuality, race, class, experience and for me, it’s just one of the purest connections.

If you could cast one spell on the world what would it be?

Do you know what? This is going to get really deep, but I’d probably cast a healing spell to help heal with all the trauma that the world has been going through and is still going through.

How important is representation in music and DJing to you?

It’s very important to me and it’s also important that we start normalising representation in music and DJing. Whenever I get asked about “Female DJ’s”, I always say don’t make us a novelty, just make us normal because then it becomes cause and effect. The more women, especially women of colour and LGBTQ+ Women, who are regularly DJing and earning serious money from it, the more it opens up doors and lets younger girls know that they can do it too. For instance, when I see Jamz doing her thing and having one of the first shows on 1Xtra to be showcasing future beats and forward-thinking music, it lets me know that one day it can be me. I cannot stress it enough, there’s enough of us, put us on your line ups, book us for guest mixes on your radio shows, it’s super important and easy to do.

What’s one lesson you have learnt in your career so far?

One lesson I have learnt is the importance of patience. Being patience can make the difference, and sometimes making no move is the best move for that moment. It’s important to allow yourself the time to retreat back into yourself and make the best decisions for your career and that all comes with time. As many people say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will your career and legacy. Give it time, enjoy what you’re doing right now and be patient and prepared.

If you could create a DJ alias what would it be?

I already have my perfect one with Dobby, but if I had to pick another in case JK Rowling wanted to sue (which hopefully she doesn’t), I would probably go for DJ stranger, because I’ve been strange before ‘Stranger Things.’

Tips for budding DJ’s?

Don’t compare your chapter 1 to someone else’s chapter 22. Honestly, comparing yourself to another DJ ‘will drive you insane, trust me. Just find your land, do your thing and enjoy. It’s so much fun when you leave all the comparisons behind.

Favourite song to play in the club?

Right now, it’s def this secret Jersey Club remix of Big Shaq – Mans Not Hot, which no one will ever be able to steal of me. It makes everyone in the club go off because it’s not what they are expecting.

Next show or what’s coming up for you?

You can catch me DJing alongside Jamz Supernova, Martha and many more amazing DJ’s for Flexxx She Said So party that’s being put on alongside MTV on the 9th of November, tickets are still available on Dice FM and everyone is welcome. I’m still looking to be booked to DJ for a sick New Year’s Eve motive this year so promoters/club night bosses holla at your damn girl.

Finally, where can people find you online?

@dobbyx3 on everything.



Jeremih – Pass Dat (Junior Makina Refix)

Lil Uzi Vert – XO TOUR LIFE (Usher Lavelle Remix)

Jakwob x Cadenza – Queens 2 Brixton

Roll Deep – When I’m Ere (Endor Flip)

Donae’o – Circle (Giad Remix)

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