GUAP Mix 005: [@JackyParker93]

Jacky P AKA Jack Parker is one of the few underground DJ’S that you need to know, putting underground rap on the map in the UK all the way from the West Midlands.

Not often do we come across DJ’s who have the ability to bring knowledge during their sets, by this, we mean share new and upcoming artists who are yet to be acknowledged on a wide scale. In this case Jacky P is a gem in the music scene, hailing all the way from the West Midlands, Jack has managed to create his own world within the underground UK music scene. From presenting BBC Introducing in the West Midlands, to being Phundo Art’s official DJ as well as throwing his own club night ‘Thug Tears’ Jack is on the forefront of what’s next.

Read the interview and tracklist below.


When did you start DJing?

I started taking the idea of myself as a DJ all serious around mid 2015 when I launched my series of parties under the brand SKIT. I would DJ and host the nights and bring through artists, MCs and rappers for live performances. It was these nights where my obsession for underground rap music cemented itself in my brain.

How would you describe the scene up in the midlands?

It is in the West of the Midlands that I currently reside and in all honesty we have the potential to be the West MADlands but creative types tend to be a lot more relaxed with their craft. I think the whole scene needs a boot up the bum and we could really kick things into gear. For me the West Midlands is a crazy hive of talent that has decided to lay so painfully dormant for years. 

What’s the best part of what you do?

The best part of DJing for me is the fact that I get to entertain people and put people in a certain head-space with the music I play. Every time I touch down on some CDJs all I want to do is make sure the whole room is sweaty and rapping along. I always keep the room in front of me in mind. You’ll never catch me straying into self-indulgence. If I’m having a good time then I’m making sure the whole club having a good time.

You also work at the  BBC, what does your role entail ?

 I present and produce BBC Introducing in the West Midlands. We broadcast from BBC Birmingham. Through the show we aim to represent the eclectic and diverse musical landscape that surrounds us. We give airtime to artists, producers, singers, rappers and bands that few people have heard before.

 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

 My life revolves around the discovery and the sharing of new music with anyone and everyone who wants to listen. I’ll be doing the same from now until forever baby. I hope I’m still alive in 5 years time so I can keep whipping up a storm on the decks.

What can people expect from this mix?

 I have gone in with 100% ignorant, reckless and filthy underground trap and rap. Expect a lot of melody, a lot of hyperactive rapping and a lot of flexing. I wanted to lay down 30 minutes of fun. This mix is pure rock-star behavior bottled up for your pleasure. It’s a speaker knocker.

Any career idols?

 The DJs I consider my absolute heroes at the moment are Tiffany Calver & Siobhan Bell. The way those two do their thing wow they are so slick and so stylish with the way they operate in the game. I saw Siobhan Bell open up for Playboi Carti and it felt like a religious experience. She got my limbs flailing in the mosh pit. The thing I dig the most about Calver and Bell is the way they are never afraid to introduce underground and new music in their DJ sets. They bash out the hits and slip in the next big thing next to the current biggest thing. It’s effortless!

Any tips for budding DJ’s?

If you want to be a DJ then go be a DJ right now. Don’t let the snobby DJ culture fool you into thinking you have to mix like a pro straight away. The most important thing a DJ needs to be able to do is entertain a crowd. Always keep your crowd in mind; don’t just play what you think is a banger. Do your banger research. Keep your ears to the streets.

If you could do a B2B set with anyone who would it be?

All bangers no mash. Plus we are both rather tall so we would look mad in sync together behind the decks. Going B2B with Tiffany Calver that’s number one on the bucket-list that is.


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Trippie Redd- Woah Woah Woah

Lancey Foux- Starstruck

Killy- No Romance

YBN Nahmir- Rubbin Off The Paint

Uno The Activist- Go With The Flow

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Kay P- Blood Flow Down My Wrist

Lil Wop- Backwoods

Key!- New Money

Playboi Carti- Location

Lil Xan- Betrayed

Tay-K- The Race

Post Malone- No Option


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