GUAP Playlist 001: Curated by [@thatsoshay_]

It’s a brand-new month, so what better way to celebrate the month of April than with a new Guap playlist – 001.

If you are unfamiliar with Bassette then familiarise yourself with ‘Boys with Guitars’ featuring the lovely Ms Banks for your daily dosage of British R&B. Prepare yourself for heavenly vocals with a killer production.

Paige Lihya is the latest singer/songwriter to provide R&B/neo soul vibes to get us all in our feelings. At just 17 years old, Paige, is a force to be reckoned with as she teams up with Skye Chai for her single ‘So Good’ with a beat that is reminiscent of 90’s R&B.

From one teen to another, 18-year-old Ama Lou shares new single ‘Lost My Home’ showing of her versatile vocal ability. This track is bursting with tropical synths and the continuous dramatic drums with lyrics such as “I know I should be acting cold but I thought I lost my home” which echoes her personal circumstances and the world as we know it.

“We could get physical, but there’s way much more than the physical” – Grime MC, Novelist sets the tone for ‘Day 2’ by Tom Misch off his new project, 5 Day Mischon. This track is laced in jazz/blues vibes that gives us all a nice mellow song to wind down to. An unlikely yet perfect duo.

Piers James really has some ‘Unfinished Business’ with new track that features soul singer IMONI, who leads the song and Piers joining in with laid -back, jazz raps. Make sure you watch out for Piers as his forthcoming project, Vibes & Tribulations II is out soon. Pre-order it here

Octavian is a rapper that has been making waves in the underground UK rap scene for a while and returns with new project ‘Essie World’ in which ‘Come with Me’ featuring Micheal Phantom resides. The song has a playful beat with Octavian’s hard hitting raps over it.

So, we all heard ‘Blem Tings’ by Drake off his More Life mixtape, well British rapper SNE has remixed this track with not one but two songs in one ‘Blem Tings/ If I Could’. SNE never fails to disappoint.

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Following on from a list of musicians who use dates/weekdays as stage names, July 7, hailing from Manchester delivers alternative, smooth R&B vibes with ‘Talk to Me’. Underground and mysterious, July 7 has reportedly worked with the likes of Travis Scott (talk about big names). We expect to hear a lot more about July 7 in 2017.

Around 7 months ago, singer Airborn Gav released ‘Closer Than Close’ a take on Rosie Gaines classic garage hit which we all fell in love with. Well good news all around as London based producer, Intalekt remixes this track and puts his own upbeat, bouncy spin on this banger. You may recognise Inalekt from his project ‘It Is What It Is (IIWII)’ which came out a year ago, or his production on a number of UK artist’s tracks. Either way Intalekt is one talented producer.

Last on the playlist comes from singer Levelle London who gives us dancehall fever on track ‘Step by Step’ following the release of his last single, Tension. As summer is around the corner, this will most definitely be the summer anthem that makes us all excited for carnival. Levelle London also recently sold out his headline show at the Old Blue Last. Congratulations Levelle.

Until the next playlist, enjoy the vibes of 001.

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