GUAP PREMIERE: Meelo’s “Bossa” ft. Goya Gumbani

WHO: Meelo ft. Goya Gumbani

GENRE: Jazz, Soul, Electronica

FROM: London & Brooklyn

MEMORABLE LYRIC: “Eyes on what’s next / I stay on the prize / I stay on what’s mine / I stay on the grind”

London artist Meelo’s new release featuring the dextrous Brooklynite Goya Gumbani is clearly a labor of love. Taken from his forthcoming debut EP Movement 1 the single explores the liminality between soul and electronica while Goya ties the bouquet together with a shimmering bow of quality bars.

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Meelo comments on the single: “In my travels making ends meet as a session musician, I was fortunate enough to meet, collaborate and share ideas with a multitude of master artists. One particularly special connection was with Goya Gumbani (I was often used as the bassist in Goya’s live shows). We both experienced a meeting of minds”… “After hours of conversation the resultant music is a gentle, contemplative elegy, a moment of reflection of where both of us have been and where we’re going. It sounds like poetry set to a sad samba, but dark and dank and heavy. Best let Goya’s lyrics speak…”]

This is the kind of music that can help your soul sit right–a call-back to earth when your head is in the clouds. Check out more from the artist via Bandacamp here.

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