GUAP PREMIERES: [@LagoonWavey]’s “Highway”

GUAP PREMIERES: [@LagoonWavey]’s “Highway”

WHO: Lagoon Wavey

GENRE: Neo-Soul, Alt R&B

FROM: Barbados

MEMORABLE LYRIC: “Told you don’t fall for me / or pick up the phone and call on me”

As Lagoon sings he let’s harsh feelings simmer below the surface layer, constantly threatening to bubble up but never quite boiling over. Following his recent COLOURS debut, Barbados-born Lagoon Wavey has shared with GUAP his latest single “Highway”. 

The instrumental acts like a sojourn from reality as it carries listeners to some blissful tropics a million miles away while Lagoon coos over long lost love. This production technique of pinning uplifting instrumentals to sombre lyricism is part of what makes the track feel so inviting; an unforeseen juxtaposition ultimately providing a sense of melancholy that can be relatable to all. The visuals are just as striking as the single itself, with the contrasting lighting shining blue against Lagoon’s profile; providing an equally pensive mood.

Kick back, pop the visuals on and ease your mind as Lagoon takes you on a sonic voyage (and if that’s not enough, you can get stuck into some more from the artist below).