The 21 year old polymath Jim Legxacy [@Jim_Legxacy] give us an insight into his world

Jim Legxacy is an artist who refuses to be defined or limited in his creativity.

Drive is one thing that Jim Legxacy doesn’t lack at all and he’s using it to push himself to create in an innovative way. Having come up on a lot of Yoruba music and classic artists like Bob Marley Rap wasn’t always that appealing to a younger Jim. Wrestling of all things was what piqued his earliest interest in exploring music for himself which later led to him giving himself a crash course in Rap amongst other genres. Through that love for exploration and wanting to follow what he liked, Jim nurtured a sound that is distinctly his own due to the variety of influences on him. But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

Between uni and a job, there wasn’t much time for music but despite that he released his debut EP and we spoke to him before the release of his second EP, BTO!, that dropped yesterday. We talked t his journey so far, how he manages to balance his time, what he wants his legacy to be, his influences and more.

What speaking to him proved is that Jim Legxacy is a name you should remember.

You can stream BTO! here as well as watch his short film based on the project ‘ọlọtẹ’ here.