lveMUSIC. | Enny – ‘Peng Black Girls’ [@ennyintegrity]

The Matrix aesthetic is fitting as Enny delivers an out of this world performance of ‘Peng Black Girls’ on lveMUSIC.

This is the time to be getting on board with Enny if you’re not already up to speed. The young star that has been slowly but surely perfecting her craft over the years has only been getting better and better as 2020 has gone on. With appearances on The Silhouettes Project, a live performance on No Signal and the success of latest release ‘Peng Black Girls’ it’s kind of hard to be tapped into the culture at the moment and not see Enny. Having premiered her debut single earlier this year it was only right we got one of our one’s to watch to grace the lveMUSIC. stage and she didn’t disappoint at all.

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