lveMUSIC. | KarimThaPeasant – ‘BLM Freestyle’ [@KarimThaPeasant]

This week we got the politically charged ‘BLM Freestyle’ from KarimThaPeasant on lveMUSIC.

Another week and another lveMUSIC. exclusive performance, this time by KarimThaPeasant. Filmed shortly after the recent protests on racial injustice began in London, Karim dropped by to echo the message of the people rather than promote a new single. The ‘BLM Freestyle’ is unreleased as of yet and right here could well be the only place you get to hear it. Fuelled by the injustice and wanting to express his true feelings, Karim doesn’t hold back in his criticism of the government as well as police tying the narrative together well across the performance. Despite the short run time a lot gets said and the message is just as important today as it was when this was filmed.

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