Freedom: of Speech – ‘An Activist in London’ with Temi Mwale [@temimwale]

Temi Mwale is a multi-award-winning social entrepreneur, educator and activist. She has been actively seeking solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues since the age of 16. She is committed to global peace-building and empowering a generation to challenge and disrupt the systems that generate violence internationally. 

Temi is the Founding Director of The 4Front Project, a youth-led social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. By the age of 21, Temi was one of the youngest change makers to be recognised by Forbes Magazine and featured in their annual list, as one of the Top 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs in Europe.

GUAP Arts & Culture creative Aji Ayorinde took a trip to meet Temi in Grahame Park Estate – where she grew up and where The 4Front Project was birthed from the tragedy of the death of her friend Marvin Henry, who was fatally shot dead in 2010. They spoke about her plans and what she has been working on, all things activism, and what freedom means to her. Check out what she had to say.

[Photo w/ credit to Ibrahim]

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Words: Aji Ayorinde

Videography: Ibrahim Kamara

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