[@gvnmnt] New Collection “New World Disorder” Is LIVE !

Birmingham based brand GVNMNT have officially launched their latest collection.
‘New World Disorder’, is the new name of the new collection by the midland’s brand, which means and is referred to as a conspiracy involving the rich and powerful people in society. Red, Black, White and Yellow – GVNMNT have taken their new collection in a firm and fearless direction with just using bold colours to project match the meaning of the New World Disorder‘ name with powerful colours.
Being a new collection, pieces have already been sent out to Jammer, Maxsta, Octavian and A2; ASOS have also requested stocking the collection on their website. This has been a very successful launch which provides a unique selling point in which people and artists are going to want to wear no matter where they go due to the comfort of the material (Cotton & polyester) and style of pieces as it’s looks very neat.
The styles from the collection take inspiration from the street and road wear in the 90’s. ‘Oversized logos, coupled with bold statements’ are some of the elements in which were thought out by the designers (Mr Phomer). The white tracksuit which is my favourite personally, gives off a feel that is not only a tracksuit but when you wear it it looks clean, fresh and smart. It has the New World Disorder on either side of the top of the jacket, as well as the sleeve on one of the arms. Whilst the bottoms only have one logo, which is at the bottom of the leg.
The designer and brand have worked very well together to create great pieces and this shows that people who share love for the same creative vision birth something which cannot be recreated or tainted. You can have a look at their collection if you click at the link below:

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