Hair By Anais Opens Up New Salon! [@anaisssssxo]

Hair By Anais Opens Up New Salon! [@anaisssssxo]
Photography By Kelliesha White, Editing By Ibrahim Kamara


It’s not everyday that someone is able to turn their Instagram profile into a thriving business and then turn it into a physical store. The internet has allowed thousands of people to harvest their own destinies by using online social platforms to take control of their content and mould it into something financially viable. Instagram has become the hub for millennials utilising the internet to transform their dreams into a reality and that’s exactly what Anais from North London has done.  With over 15 thousand  followers on Instagram HairByAnais has become known for her intrinsic attention to detail and her versatility within hair styling.

I sat down with Anais to talk about her journey and asked her some questions our readers are dying to know!

1. When did you realise that Hair styling was going to be the career route for you?

I remember being about six and my mum let me do a plait in her Friend’s hair I knew then it was something I always wanted to do.  I wanted to be a singer originally but there’s so much work you have to put in to being a singer and I deffo wasn’t ready for that.   I realised when I was nearly at the end of year 11 that hairdressing was definitely going to be a career path for me, I was so stuck I didn’t want to stay at sixth form and I didn’t want to be in books 24/7, I wanted to be creative and being in a book and writing essays was deffo not for me.


2. You do everything from weaves, wigs, colouring , and waxing, would you say you learnt most of your skills studying or was it self-taught?

I went to college and studied European hair.  The cutting, styling and waxing I learnt during a short course to further expand  my skills. And the weaving I actually learnt that from my mum and sisters.

3. How did you make the transition from having a popular Instagram Page that enabled you to create awareness for your brand, to creating your own weave line and then opening your own physical store?

The transition was crazy,  it was actually my normal Instagram profile of me just posting with friends and myself , everyone knew me for doing hair in school so I started posting clients hair that I used to do like twice every week. I was still learning so I wasn’t tip top at that stage. I started getting better and better, then when girls saw a picture of a hairstyle they liked on my profile they started booking straight away that’s exactly what happened.

4. What has been some of the biggest challenges opening your own store?

The biggest challenge of me opening the shop was being scared that people wasn’t gonna come. In the back of my mind I thought are people gonna book me?

5. In a world where people are quick to use platforms such as twitter to express their complaints about their negative experiences with brands, how do you keep your customers happy and satisfied?

A lot of people turn to social media to complain about services they have received from their experiences, I would say now don’t retaliate just say sorry even if your not in the wrong  and move past it.

6. What do you say to people that say you can’t have a prosperous career doing hair?

I would say you can have a prosperous Career doing hair, it’s job at the end of the day , that’s like me saying all footballers do is kick a ball , no one should ever look down on no one doing a job.

7. What’s your advice for young people wanting to go into hair & beauty but are afraid of studying it over something more academic?

My advice for young  people going to study hair would be make sure your defiantly passionate about what your going into because the last thing you want to do is go into something  your gonna hate. You need to enjoy learning different things.

8. What’s your best advice on building a clientele that consists of repeat customers?

Building clientele is very important because at the end of the day  that’s how you make your money.  If you’re not consistent then your customers will get very bored and go elsewhere. When I had my son I stopped posting on my social media accounts and I found that I lost clients and it was very hard to build them back up, so consistency is key even if you post one picture a day they know that you’re still there.

9. What would you say is the best shampoo and conditioner for natural hair ?

I would say Kera care products is the best products for afro hair because it’s designed for black people. It’s very soft and very easy to work unlike other brands. It also caters for natural hair a lot of natural hair people are transitioning and these products are designed for that.

10. Name your favourite heat protector brand?

My favourite heat protector has to be Kerrastase oil, it’s very light not too heavy and when applying on your virgin head it’s very light.

11. What’s your go to gel when slicking down them edges?

Kare care edge Tamer, it’s the best honestly

12. How often should girls with natural hair be washing their hair ?

Girls with natural hair should be washing their hair at least once or twice every month just so that product build-up can get washed and cleansed so that the transition will be smooth.

13. What’s a good product for healthy hair growth ?

T444z and caster oil are good products to make your hair grow .


Hair By Anais opens on Tuesday 24th April 2018  at 10am

88a Upton Lane , forest gate London E7 9LW,

Whatsapp contact number 07944338563 

Shop contact number 02037549334 

Be sure to check it out !!!