Hanifa Debuts ‘Pink Label Congo’ Collection With A Game-Changing Virtual 3D Fashion Show [@AnifaM]

Hanifa Debuts ‘Pink Label Congo’ Collection With A Game-Changing Virtual 3D Fashion Show [@AnifaM]

The designer that brought us digital photoshoots using CGI is back with a digital 3D fashion show showcasing Hanifa’s latest collection ‘Pink Label Congo’.The brand broke the internet with a level of innovation we have never seen done in fashion before and it’s clear from twitter everyone wants it to be made clear before other brands begin to jump onto the idea that a black women did it first however this is still being disputed as the technology has existed prior. None the less a production of this magnitude with such innovative designs and a unique concept is yet to be seen.

Anifa Mvemba the designer and creative director of Hanifa has used the collection to tell a story based on her roots in the  DRC. The collection is inspired by the abundance of resources in the Congo as well as finding inspiration through the history of her country both beautiful and painful. The collection seeks to highlight the beauty that is overlooked in the country whilst still shedding light to the concerns over illegal mining of Colton. The DRC  has over 70% of the world’s resources in Colton making it one of the biggest income sources in the country yet, unfortunately, the conditions to mine the material are appalling and put many Congolese people working in the thriving industry at risk. In order to help with this, the brand is both informing people but also partnering with  Responsible Sourcing Network to donate 20% of the money made from the t-shirts to support Congolese families against illegal Colton mining in the DRC. Learn more here.


Due to the coronavirus the fashion world has been forced to slow down, rethink and innovate, this has been the start of something extraordinary for designers like Anifa who are going above and beyond to showcase their work in the most amazing ways while the world is at home craving creativity from authentic designers. Kicking off the collection ‘Pink Label Congo’ the brand took to Instagram live to present a live 3D virtual fashion show that stunned us all.

Describing the brand as limitless, feminine and innovative, Anifa Mvemba sets out to create clothing for women who desire to stand out, breaking and creating her own rules through fashion and through innovation. As stated by the Anifa on her Instagram, the brand is a reflection of herself conveying all the ways she has evolved. The designer shows how understanding and embracing yourself whilst still always looking to evolve and innovate can create some of the most amazing work and allow you to reflect on both your creative journey but also your personal development. One of the aspects that truly adds power and emotion to Hanifa is the intentionality and purpose in every single element of the design process, fashion fans are no longer looking for just meaningless frivolous fashion but fashion with a purpose , fashion that is revolutionary and aims to change society for the better, whether that be standing for a particular course, sustainability or sending out a positive message, consumers are now demanding conscious fashion and designers like Anifa and her team, that are bringing this to the table are being hugely rewarded and recognised.


For a lot of black women both in fashion and those who just love to celebrate each other’s successes, this is a beautifully emotional reminder that we can achieve the most unexpected and amazing things despite being told our whole lives that we can’t or simply just not been deemed as worthy through the lack of representation in the media.

I’ve personally never felt so emotional, strong, proud, determined and amazed all at the same time watching a fashion show before this and she has inspired millions of other people too. Representation is so key for young girls growing up to know that people that look like them are working in tech, in fashion, in science, in coding, in the media and every other industry. The possibilities become endless when you realise there is space for you in every field waiting for you, you just have to be bold and brave enough to go after it. 

To see more from Hanifa check out the collection on the brands website. and to read more on Hanifa check out this article from GUAP.

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