Hardy Caprio [@HardyCaprio] continues his run of singles with ‘Short & Sweet’

Hardy is keeping the momentum going on ‘Short & Sweet’ ahead of the release of his upcoming project.

‘Short & Sweet’ is the third drop from Hardy Caprio in 2020. After having taken close to a year out he has managed to maintain his following and is delivering in the way only he can – with great music. The theme at the moment for him is that he’s not just releasing the single, the big summer anthem we’ve come to know him for, he’s giving back to his real supporters that have been on the journey with him. Granted this latest release does feel like it could be exactly the single he’s trying to avoid just by nature of the track having such a feel good vibe but lets not even worry about that.

If somebody had never heard of Hardy Caprio, ‘Short & Sweet’ is the track that I’d play them. It is feel good and that wave that anyone can appreciate but also has its moments of Hardy showcasing his skills as a rapper as well as his ability to create catchy melodies. There’s the mix of grittiness and lavish extravagance that make Hardy likeable and not seem like he’s completely disconnected from his audience, but more importantly showcases where he’s come from and where he is now.

The visuals to ‘Short & Sweet’ are extremely clean and show off his extremely nice house as well as the area he grew up in. It’s probably also important to note the visuals were filmed prior to lockdown so there were no rules being broken. That has to be mentioned because part of curating the feel good vibe of the track and bringing it to life in the visuals means there’s a lot of scenes of Hardy and his friends just enjoying themselves in comfortable settings.

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‘Short & Sweet’ is just a teaser of what’s to come and it will be interesting to see what else Hardy has in store on his upcoming project.

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