Hare Squead [@HARESQUEAD] drop new project Superweird EP

Hot off dropping an impressive COLORS session, Hare Squead drop their EP Superweird.

The exciting Irish rap duo Hare Squead have released an exciting body of work in Superweird. The duo may not be that well known to you outside of their recent appearance on COLORS but they have steadily been building a buzz. There track ‘Herside Story’ in particular getting them a lot of traction when it came out in 2016, it now sits on over 64 million streams on Spotify. Hare Squead are a group not afraid of experimenting with things and this new project is testament to that. It is that experimental feel and lack of fear to push the boundaries that makes them so exciting.

Before we get into the project there needs to be a quick but related aside. In October 2019 Hare Squead were in Shoreditch, chilling on Brick Lane as you do, when they were approached and asked if they were happy to film something. They initially agreed, only for the man who proposed the filming to then reveal that he was a politician. The politician in question being Rory Stewart. Upon finding out the duo decided the interview wasn’t for them and declined to continue to participate. It was later revealed that the politician had labelled them ‘minor gangsters’ which was quickly picked up by opposing MP’s and the media alike.

This in turn inspired the group to make the track they performed on COLORS, that also rounds off Superweird, ‘Minor Gangsters (Gully)’. So as odd as it is to start a review at the end of the project in question, that’s where we are. The track is pretty laid back and ties the project up nicely as well as being a coup de grace showcasing their personality and style perfectly. It ends with a brief skit that lets people know that they do really just make music for fun and are not gangsters at all as they were unfortunately mislabelled.

Yet being mislabelled is something that could also trickle over to their music careers. With such an eclectic collections of sounds it’s difficult to label exactly what genre to classify the group and project as, beyond the broad brush stroke of Rap. But that doesn’t feel satisfying, across Superweird‘s 19 minute run time we get moments of genius and diversity all without losing cohesion. There are moments it feels like the best bits of Lil Uzi Vert, at other moments like on ‘Baeboo’ it feels like they’ve directly tapped into the mind of Kanye West when he dropped his genre influencing 808s & Heartbreaks.

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The project deserves a better label than just Rap, but we’ll leave the artists themselves to tell us what that is. Superweird is the kind of project that would do crazy numbers on Soundcloud, before they messed up their model and user experience. Amongst the current musical climate, I have to hope that Hare Squead‘s talent will be able make up for the fact that they aren’t necessarily the most well known names at the moment. The project is outstanding, and hopefully it springboards the duo onto even better things than they’ve already achieved.

You can stream Superweird on other platforms here.

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